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2014 NFL Rookie Pool Estimates

Preliminary figures show that the Redskins rookie pool will be rather manageable--for reasons which we are all well aware.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Our friends at "Over the Cap" have offered their first swipe at what the rookie pool might look like as we approach the draft. From a total value standpoint, the Redskins are slated to have the third smallest rookie pool, behind the Colts and Ravens.

There are still compensatory picks and coin tosses to factor in, so keep in mind that the whole of the list is subject to change between now and May, but you get the idea. As we get better information going forward, we can fold this into our most up-to-date understanding of what the Redskins will need to manage the cap going into the 2014 season.

This is where I tap Steve Shoup on the shoulder and ask him if the "Year One" pool of approximately $3.5 million sounds about right for Washington. I believe that number, as well as the "Cap Space Required" values are the ones that we will be paying the most attention to this spring.

While it seems that our draft is going to be rather cap friendly, we all recognize that the RG3 trade is the underlying reason. Having a top draft pick is a good problem for many teams. It will be a good problem for us again soon enough.