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Hogs Haven Draft Profiles: Ra'Shede Hageman, DL

Hogs Haven takes a look at NFL prospects heading into the 2014 NFL Draft.

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Ra'Shede Hageman

Defensive Lineman

Height: 6'6", Weight: 313 lbs


Strengths: His frame/build. Physically, he reminds many of J.J. Watt. Hageman is one of the best/most ideally built defensive linemen in this draft. He has extremely broad shoulders, incredibly long arms, and huge hands. He also has great height and weight and is very well proportioned. He's particularly strong and makes quite a statement collapsing the pocket and continually driving offensive linemen into the backfield.

Hageman is also known as an incredible athlete. He has great burst and quickness for a man his size. He was an excellent basketball player and is known as a "Workout All-Star" (max bench said to be 465 lbs. and squats of 500 lbs.) It shows. This guy certainly has the potential for a great combine showing that could significantly increase his draft position (some believe as high as the top 10). With an ideal combination of power, size, speed, and athleticism, Hageman has perhaps the greatest positional versatility of defensive linemen in this draft. He can certainly play anywhere on a 3-4 line, would make a great DT in a 4-3, and many think he could even be a successful DE in a 4-3. Versatility is certainly one of his greatest strengths.

Weaknesses: A bit raw, though he shows good traits. Hageman also has only average speed and stamina. But perhaps his greatest weakness is his lack of blocking recognition. His motor is questioned and some wonder whether that's because he is caught out of position because he is surprised by how the offensive line is blocking. He doesn't always use his leverage or length well and he often has trouble anchoring against double teams.

Another problem is that Hageman doesn't always play up to his physical ability. He lacks some natural instincts and some people question his motivation/focus. Add on the fact that he'll already be a 24-year-old rookie and you've got a classic boom-or-bust candidate.

Bottom Line: Hageman is a team captain who was the sixth highest TE recruit according to Rivals coming out of high school. He's a former basketball player and great athlete with J.J. Watt's body. He has plenty of moments that make you say "Wow" and clearly shows a lot of potential. However, that bust potential is there, too.

A very finesse player, he's obviously got great size and athleticism. He's at his best firing into gaps and disrupting the backfield (as opposed to anchoring and absorbing blockers). Odds are he's a nickel/pass-rush situational player to start, primarily due to his limited knowledge of blocking schemes. Hopefully he can learn and blossom as a player... because he certainly has all the tools.

Hageman had a crazy path to this point that was beautifully illustrated by SB Nation writer John Rosengren. It's a great read and I highly recommend it.

Player Comparison: J.J. Watt (potential, frame, swatting ability), John Henderson, and/or Jarron Gilbert

Notable: 2013 - Third-team AP All-American and First-team All-Big Ten

Projected Round: 1-2. Could go as high as the top 10 or slide into the second round.

Team(s) He Fits Best On: Steelers, Cowboys, Cardinals, Packers, or Redskins

Ra'Shede Hageman Minnesota Highlights ᴴᴰ (via ThatHighlightChannel)