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What Redskins Could Come Back in Back-up Roles?

A look at some of the lesser Redskins free agents who could possibly still have a role on the team?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

While much of the Redskins free agent focus is expected to be on either other team's unrestricted free agents, or re-signing some of their own free agent starters (Orakpo, Riley, Hall, Baker), the Redskins could look to bring back a couple of their own free agents in back-up roles. The Redskins are going to need to fill quite a few roster positions this offseason and should bring in a fair amount of competition for these spots. They can't just rely on rookies or incumbent players to fill these roles. The Redskins might have nearly $42 million to spend in free agency, but that doesn't mean they have enough money to fill every role with decent money players. They will need to find some league minimum type of free agents. Here are a couple of their own free agents they could be signed for league minimum and compete for a back-up role on this team.

Santana Moss:

Moss is coming off his worst year as a Redskin, but he brings a lot of valuable experience as well. He can man the slot position and has had a lot of work with RGIII that could help the quarterback's development. He maybe shouldn't be guaranteed a job, but there is a fair chance he can offer at least average production at a bargain basement rate. There really is no downside of bring back Moss for a shot in camp and he'd be cheaper over everyone but a late round pick.

Josh Wilson:

Wilson's first two years with the Redskins were more productive, but he really struggled some this past season. He was banged up some and he had missed most of the offseason, and both probably contributed to his lack of production. While the team needs to bring in some fresh CB talent this offseason they need multiple corners. Only David Amerson returns among those corners to play a snap last year. Chase Minnifield and Richard Crawford are under contract, but both have numerous question marks. Even in the team re-signs DeAngelo Hall they need to bring in two additional corners to ensure they have some depth. One of them will likely be a bigger signing or draft pick, but the other will likely be a stopgap. Wilson would be a nice option for that role, and he could help some in the slot. Playing slot corner is not something that either Amerson or Crawford has done and it's not Hall's strongsuit. Unless they bring in a guy with a lot of experience in the slot corner role, Wilson's skill set offers a nice value.

Reed Doughty:

Doughty is everyone's favorite Redskin to knock, but the reality is he continues to out play safeties drafted or signed to replace him. Currently the Redskins only safeties under contract are Bacarri Rambo and Phillip Thomas so some major upgrades are needed. While Doughty isn't going to be considered a major upgrade, as a cheap league minimum guy he's a really good guy to bring to camp. He's given the Redskins solid play when called upon and has been a good special teamer (one of the few from last season). Maybe he doesn't make the final 53 man roster, but he's worth giving a shot to for a back-up role.

Dezmon Briscoe:

Briscoe is an intriguing receiver who gave solid production for a late round pick in his first two seasons. He didn't fit in with Greg Schiano in Tampa and was sent packing. The Redskins claimed him and used him sparingly in 2012. Last year he was in a fight to make the final roster when he injured his shoulder in the final exhibition game and was put on IR. Briscoe has nice size and solid hands and could be a welcome addition to the Redskins WR corps if he puts it all together. Coming off the injury he will likely need to settle for a league minimum deal, but he could see the Redskins as a good option since he already has worked with the quarterbacks some and they have the need for multiple receivers this year.