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Saturday Slop: Free Agency and Cap Issues

A look at the top stories around the web about the Redskins

Larry French


Redskins Safety Free Agent Options | CSN Washington

Best fit: Chris Clemons, Dolphins. With pricey options such as Byrd and the Browns' T.J. Ward long shots due to cost and the number of other needs in Washington, Clemons figures to be an enticing option. Last season, the 28-year-old ranked fourth on the Dolphins with 92 tackles, picked off one pass and defended eight others. Clemons could also be an affordable upgrade who could provide a bridge to Thomas, Rambo or another long term solution.

Redskins Cap Series: Importance of Clearing Future Space |

A look at why it is better to cut players from the Redskins now rather than later. Also a look at how the Redskins can use that cap flexibility in the future.

Redskins Cap Series: 10 Potential Cuts for 2014 |

Should the Redskins pursue one of the ex-Lions? | CSN Washington

A look at whether or not the Redskins should sign either Nate Burleson or Louis Delmas in free agency.

Need to Know: Are Yardage Stats for Losers? | Real Redskins

Earlier this week, Jim Haslett told ESPN 980 that he didn't pay much attention to the number of yards his defense gave up. "That's kind of for losers," he said. Let's put that to the test by taking a look back through Redskins history. Here are the five (plus three) Redskins teams who have ranked the highest in yards given up since the NFL merger and how those teams fared during the season.

Haslett Says He Will Turn Orakpo and Kerrigan Loose | Real Redskins

One side note from here-Haslett seems very confident that he will be coaching Orakpo, who is slated to be a free agent in March. Perhaps Haslett knows that the Redskins are going to keep Orakpo around one way (a contract agreement) or another (franchise tag).

Positional Outlook: Special Teams | ESPN Redskins Blog

The Redskins' special teams need massive improvements, of which anyone who watched them in 2013 would agree. Their return game stank; their punt coverage horrendous. But on the good side: There was no failed swinging gate fake. Oh wait, there was a botched fake attempt in Minnesota. One hope among players is that new special-teams coach Ben Kotwica's military background will instill a discipline they felt was lacking a year ago. While Keith Burns took the blame as the coach last season, the organization did a poor job of supplying him with players. Too many were either young and felt perhaps too entitled to be part of this unit or aging and had no passion for it. Whatever it was, it added up to a disaster and that must change in 2014. With so many close games, you can't be awful in one area.

Don't Lose Crucial parts of "the code" | ESPN Football Blog

I was drafted in the 10th round, the 263rd pick of the 1989 draft by the Washington Redskins. I was a no-name, oft-injured center/guard from the University of Idaho. My college career was a mess, so riddled with injury that the university had retired me as a junior. "That's enough," they said and threw in the white towel on my childhood dream. After months of pleading (whining), they acquiesced and agreed to allow me to play my senior season. I was completely off the NFL radar.

Redskins Off-Season Plan Shows Cap Penalty Wasn't To Blame For Last Season |