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Washington Redskins Draft Profiles: Jimmie Ward, SS

Hogs Haven draft profile on Strong Safety Jimmie Ward. Is he the best strong safety in this draft class?

Mark A. Cunningham

Jimmie Ward

Strong Safety

Height: feet 5’11", Weight: 191 lbs

Northern Illinois

Strengths: Ward certainly had a productive senior season, recording 74 tackles, 1 sack, 6 interceptions, and 5 passes defended. He takes good tackling angles against running backs, keeps the play in front of him to prevent big gains, is a good hitter, and he would likely be a special teams standout.

Weaknesses: Ward tackles low, which is technically correct, but it can lead to an increase in broken tackles. Wards biggest concern is the level of competition he faced. He was a good player in the MAC, but the receivers of the NFL are on a whole different level.

Bottom Line: Ward is one of the better strong safeties available in the draft that could contribute on special teams right away. Ward has the physical tools to succeed needed in the NFL and he has the instincts to play well at the next level. The key to Ward is determining if he can handle the NFL competition.

Projected round: 2-3

Team he fits best on: Redskins, Giants, Broncos, Saints, Lions, and Broncos (Any team that needs strong safety depth and special teams improvement)

Jimmie Ward vs Utah State (2013 Poinsettia Bowl) (via DCheeseB)