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2014 Redskins I Can Live Without


There is no doubt that the 2014 Washington Redskins will look a lot different from the teams we saw over the last two years of the Mike Shanahan era. Shanahan, for as great as he was thought to be in some areas of the game(mainly running back), was simply awful at evaluating, and developing talent at others.

Roster turnover is part of every team, every season, but for our Skins, it will have to take on a whole new meaning this offseason, if we hope to return the team to respectability after an embarrassing 2013.

Below are 7 players who I feel we would be better off without in 2014:

Will Montgomery: I don't care what any amateur service says about Monty; he's a major liability at center. He has limited movement skills, lacks the lower-body strength to effectively anchor, and can't seem to make appropriate adjustments to counter blitzes. The guy has spent more time in our backfield than Alfred Morris.

Tyler Polumbus: This one seems pretty obvious, but it has some some complicated parts too. Polumbus is an average run blocker, and he is inexpensive, ........................but his pass blocking is horrible, as his feet can't seem to keep up with his body, and his upper body strength is limited. He's a typical waist bender, who will lunge at a defender, instead of setting up in his stance, and using his long arms and a mirror technique to keep his quarterback upright. He could be a cheap veteran backup, but I think I have seen enough of him in Burgundy and Gold.

Kory Lichtensteiger: Injury, inconsistency, and a contract that is millions beyond what he is actually worth, all contribute to the argument why Licht should be cut. I don't think you'll hear many voices supporting the diminutive guard.

Adam Carriker: This is a tough one for me, because I feel when healthy, Carriker adds a good presence to our 3-4 defense, but health has evaded the veteran recently, and his contract makes him an ideal candidate to be cut.

Stephen Bowen: Much like Carriker, injuries have derailed Bowen's career. I give him credit for playing through two season with poor knees, but the time has come to cut our losses, and part ways with the over-paid and oft-injured veteran.

Leonard Hankerson: This one may cause some controversy, but injury, inconsistency, and a serious lack of production have hampered Hankerson's ability to become a contributor on this team. It's time to chalk up yet another wide receiver failure, and move on. His presence on this team will only take away reps from any young receiver we bring in.

Sav Rocca: Punters are a dime-a-dozen, and Rocca's time as a Redskin has come to a screeching halt(at least in the eyes of the fans). We can get cheaper, younger, and oh yeah, much better if we part ways with the AARP veteran.