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Playing GM and Coloring Inside The Lines

An exercise in playing GM while keeping the cap in mind and working to field the best roster possible.

Is Orakpo the off-season linchpin?
Is Orakpo the off-season linchpin?
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This post will take a detailed look at an off-season plan for the Redskins. The aim was to work with a salary cap projection of $30M and create a plan within those numbers and through the draft (using the FanSpeak OnTheClock draft simulator It’s one thing to talk about who the Redskins “SHOULD” sign and who we want them to sign, it becomes a completely different monster when attempting estimate salaries and players and fit them into the salary cap. The challenge becomes much more real when you take those additions into account the then try to continue the improvement through the draft. I attacked the defensive side of the ball during FA because it’s the side that needs the most immediate impact, in addition to addressing the OL. I avoided WR’s due to this being a WR deep draft. I also avoided CB’s in FA because there is talent on the roster that needs playing time and signing a guy like Talib eats into Amerson’s playing time and eats into money that needs to plug both safety positions.

A note about the salary cap and player salary estimates: They are estimates approximated by looking at current player salaries at the position and player performance over the last year or two. It’s not an exact science. #judgeyourself

Here’s what I got:



Brian Orakpo


Perry Riley


DeAngelo Hall


Chris Baker





Stephen Bowen


Adam Carriker


Tyler Polumbus


Chris Chester


Sav Rocca





Geoff Schwartz, G


Anthony Collins, T


Bruce Campbell, G/T


Linvall Joseph, NT


Arthur Moats, ILB


Michael Mitchell, S


Taylor Mays, S




Salary Cap Available $30M/ Salary Cap Spent = $28.6

(Yes there will be a rookie cap hold, but it hasn't been calculated yet. No you don't want to spend right up against the cap, but there is the rule of 53 for the off-season and also the ability to prorate some new contracts to save some money this year.)

Now for the draft:

Pick #34

Allen Robinson, WR Penn State

Pick #66

Bradley Roby, CB Ohio State

Pick #98

Martavis Bryant, WR Clemson

Pick #130

Max Bullough, ILB Michigan State

Pick #162

Brent Urban, DE Virginia

Pick #194

Brandon Linder. G Miami