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Daily Slop: Skins Cap Situation for 2014

A look at the top Redskins stories on the web.

Patrick McDermott


Redskins 2014 Salary Cap Outlook Heading into Free Agency |

A break down of the Redskins cap situation by position and a look at their cap space for 2014.

Top 5 Redskins Running backs over the past 20 years | Real Redskins

Here are the Redskins' five leading rushers in the last 20 years (1994-2013):

Redskins Position Outlook: Quarterbacks | CSN Washington

Rewind: Blame the knee, blame the lack of offseason training, blame the Shanahans' offensive, blame whoever you want. Griffin's stats were down from 2012 in virtually every major category: completion percentage (65.6 in 2012 - 60.1 in 2013), touchdowns (20-16), yards/attempt (8.1-7.0), and passer rating (102.4-82.2).

Like All NFL Teams Redskins Play a Zero-Sum Game in Free Agency | Real Redskins

It's important to note that even if the Redskins do decide to let Orakpo walk there still will be choices to make. Who replaces him, how much do you pay that player, how do you best utilize the money saved? The resources are still finite.

Should the Redskins Keep Rex or any 3rd QB in 2014? | CSN Washington

Should the Redskins consider either Jonathan Martin or Richie Incognito ? |

A look at whether or not the Redskins should look to either of the linemen at the center of the Dolphins controversy as a potential option for next season.

Free Agent DL the Redskins Could Target | Washington Post The Outside (Mark Bullock)

Washington has lacked creativity from its defensive line since switching to the 3-4, resulting in a subpar pass rush. Lamarr Houston is a big name who could help fix both of those problems. Houston was drafted by the Raiders originally as a one-gap, penetrating three-technique defensive tackle. Those types of players don't fit into the two-gap, 3-4 system that Washington has run under Jim Haslett. But Houston has evolved into much more than that during his NFL career. Oakland lined him up all over the place to get the most out of his outstanding athleticism.

Performance Clause More than Doubles Roy Helu's Salary | Washington Times

According to two people familiar with the details of Helu's contract, the Washington Redskins running back reached the "proven performance escalator," a clause in the collective bargaining agreement that rewards players who were drafted in the third through seventh rounds who are entering the final year of their rookie contract.

Positional Look at Redskins Salary Cap | ESPN Redskins Blog

Positional Outlook: Safeties | ESPN Redskins Blog

The Washington Redskins were hurt at safety because of injuries and, in truth, poor decisions from the past. They had several years to solve this position and have been unable to do so, because of bad signings (O.J. Atogwe), bad luck (Phillip Thomas' injury) or relying on players with checkered pasts (Tanard Jackson). Add it up and it left the Redskins with too many backup players pressed into roles they weren't ready to play (or could play). The defense had other issues to be sure, but upgrading here is a top priority in the offseason.

Strength of Schedule: Washington Redskins | ESPN Redskins Blog

However, everyone else in the NFC East is below them. Dallas is 18th (.488); Philadelphia is 20th (.479) and the New York Giants are 27h (.465). (As a reminder, only two of the 16 games are determined by where a team finishes). Of course, Washington's divisional foes get to play a team that went 3-13 a year ago. But more than strength -- or ease -- of schedule, the Redskins need improved play from quarterback Robert Griffin III and their defense.

DaQuan Jones: A closer look at the Penn State DT