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John Keim Breaks Down Redskins Salary Cap By Position

The Redskins will have money to spend in free agency, and many needs to fill. Here is a look at where they stand by position.

Brendon Thorne

I woke up this morning, and one of my first thoughts (after remembering the Wizards loss but before considering what to eat for breakfast) was of the Redskins salary cap situation. I figured I would hit up the Hogs Haven team and start seeing who had the best skinny and to throw it out there. When I popped on my computer though, John Keim had already begun to answer my questions. Here is a link to his full breakdown.

With 41 players currently under contract, and 24 of those on offense, it is not secret that we will have to add bodies and talent to the defensive side of the ball. In addition to lacking actual players, we also have little invested in key positions like corner and safety. Exhibit A: Trent Robinson is our biggest cap charge at safety according to John's breakdown. In case anyone was wondering, the picture attached with this article is of the Sydney Roosters' coach Trent Robinson. I figured our readers from down under--yes, we have some--would appreciate that. I couldn't find an actual picture of the Trent Robinson the Redskins are paying (one I could use, that is).

I am not 100% in love with Logan Paulsen being our highest paid tight end, but I get it. As for us having NINE offensive linemen under contract right now...let's just say that unless we plan on carrying 18 of them in 2014, I would be very much okay with trimming those ranks to make some salary cap room.

Take a gander at our friend John's work and come back here for some spirited discussion on Sav Rocca, Roy Helu and the fact that we have $3.5 million allocated to the corner and safety positions...combined.