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Former Bears GM Jerry Angelo calls Robert Griffin III "A Work in Progress"

Former Bears GM Jerry Angelo scores all the quarterbacks from the 2013 season.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In the offseason, I find myself flipping through the internet as I would through television channels when "nothing is on." Here is something I came across (h/t to Alex Carson at Niners Nation) that was nice and juicy. Whether you care or not what this guy has to say, you can't argue with his experience: he has been coaching, scouting or directing player personnel since Bill Ward might even have something in common with this guy.

Here is the link to his article over at The Sideline View. I won't spoil the whole list for you, but he placed Robert Griffin III in his fifth tier of rankings. This tier, which featured only RG3 and Sam Bradford (nice Rams/Redskins link there), is for a quarterback who "has strong traits but hasn't done it. Lack of experience, injuries, missing intangible may be the reason for his erratic play. Still a work in progress. He can move up or down."

Here is what he had to say about #10:

Talented, but yet to define himself as an NFL quarterback. He won't have a successful career by working outside the pocket. No one at his position did or will. Too many games and too many hits keep QB's from having a career based on their feet, rather than their pocket accuracy.