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Saturday Slop: Super Bowl Week

A look at the top Redskins Stories around the web.

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Five Redskins who should be in the Hall of Fame | Real Redskins

If they enshrine punter Ray Guy tonight then at some point they have to have to put in a returner, right? Mitchell is second all-time in all-purpose yards and first in punt return yards and kickoff return yards. If you're going to put in a returner, he's the guy.

Alfred Morris on RGIII and Snyder | DC Sports Bog

"I really don't know, because I don't pay much attention, to be honest with you," Morris said. "Around the facility, it's something that you don't see. Maybe outside of that they may have a good relationship, but we don't know. Mr. Snyder comes in, and usually he's in his office or he's taking care of front-office stuff. Robert is always with us. So we never see them together, so I really wouldn't know the type of relationship they have.

Why it's okay if the Redskins have 20-30 new faces next year |

A look at why it's okay for the Redskins to have a major roster overhaul this season and a look at why it won't be too difficult to achieve.

Catching up with Mark Mosley | ESPN Redskins Blog

The Redskins' special teams: It was embarrassing to us. The Redskins always had great special teams and to drop off like they did this year was pathetic and embarrassing. Every guy that ever played special teams for the Washington Redskins was embarrassed. I've had several conversations with Doc Walker and Otis Wonsley and guys I played with and they just cringed when they saw the punt team cover because they did stuff you learn not to do when you're in high school, how to cover and stay in your lane on kickoffs and how to recognize pressure so you know when to block. These guys were oblivious to those things. It was terrible.

Rookie Report: Chris Thompson | ESPN Redskins Blog

One of the more enjoyable films to watch last offseason was that of Florida State running back Chris Thompson, a Redskins' fifth-round pick. He made defenders miss; he was exciting in the open field. If not for those injuries ...But Thompson entered the NFL with red flags over his durability. Still, that speed and potential -- coupled with Richard Crawford's season-ending knee injury -- led him to being the full-time returner when the season opened. But that only lasted four games. This is the latest in a week-long installment looking at all the Redskins' rookies.

Rookie Report: Thomas and Jamison | ESPN Redskins Blog

Everything you need to know about the Super Bowl: Part 2 |

Joe Gibbs excited about Jay Gruden Hiring | Washington Post The Insider

But Gibbs, the team's former three-time Super Bowl-winning coach, said here Friday that he is pleased with the Redskins' recent hiring of Jay Gruden as their coach and he remains convinced that owner Daniel Snyder eventually will succeed in finding a way to get the franchise back to a Super Bowl.

Justin Ellis: The Small School Sleeper |