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Daily Slop: Have the Redskins Hit Rock Bottom Yet; Colt McCoy's Injury Could Cause QB Change

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web

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SNYDER: How long will Jay Gruden have to pull Redskins reversal? - Washington Times
The franchise has been mired in less-than-mediocrity for the better part of two decades and changing such a culture isn't a snap. The undertaking has been more difficult than Gruden imagined.

Colt McCoy ineffective, injured as Redskins' QB situation gets murkier - Washington Times

McCoy's day ended with two minutes remaining, satisfying a fickle, half-full stadium that sporadically taunted the quarterback with chants of Robert Griffin III's nickname.

Redskins fill another day with mishaps and commotion - Washington Times
Bottom remains a moving target for the Washington Redskins.

Redskins notes: Special teams mistakes costly on both sides of ball - Washington Times
Rams punt returner Tavon Austin zig-zagged through would-be tacklers, dipping and cutting en route to a 78-yard touchdown late in the third quarter of Sunday's 24-0 win. Afterwards, Redskins punter Tress Way was asked about what he saw on the play. "Well, what I really saw from him was the back of his jersey a lot," Way said.

Redskins bottom out against Rams - Richmond Times-Dispatch: Washington Redskins XTRA - Richmond Times-Dispatch Coverage Of Training Camp And The Regular Season

The problem with declaring that the Redskins have hit rock bottom is that they still have three more games to play. Still, they made a compelling case on Sunday as they lost 24-0 to the St. Louis Rams, the first time Washington had been blanked in front of a home crowd since 2009.

Eric Bickel Tells London Fletcher He’s a ‘Phony’ for Haslett Remarks (Listen) " CBS DC

Radio host Eric Bickel tells London Fletcher he’s "a phony" and "a backstabber" for recently remarking that his former Redskins defensive coordinator is a "backstabber." Listen to the interview in full here.

Tress Way takes blame for failed fake punt | Comcast SportsNet Washington

"Their guy played it perfectly," Way said. "If he would have ran that up-and-under, we had daylight all across the outside. I should have just followed Niles." Way joked that he may have overestimated his athleticism. "I played running back like in 5th grade. I thought I saw a hole," he cracked. "These guys are a lot faster than the guys were in 5th grade. So I should have followed Niles around the outside."

Redskins unable to establish run game vs. Rams | Comcast SportsNet Washington

In their 24-0 shutout the Redskins were held to 27 yards rushing on 12 attempts. Their leading rusher was Colt McCoy, who picked up 11 yards. Morris carries eight times for six yards.

RG3: 'I am not going to undermine anybody' | Comcast SportsNet Washington

"Like I said, it’s Coach’s decision—whatever he decides," Griffin said. "You know I am here to help this team win, so if he decides to put me in, I’m ready to go. But I am not going to undermine anybody else or be that player because that’s not who I am."

Redskins react to another drama-filled Sunday | Comcast SportsNet Washington

Redskins shut out at home in miserable loss to Rams | Comcast SportsNet Washington

As it turns out, Colt McCoy may not be the answer, either.

Need to Know: All three phases a mess in Redskins’ shutout loss to Rams | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

This team is just a mess right now. It should be noted that special teams contributed to the loss as well by allowing a punt return for a touchdown along with a couple of other gaffes. The organization thought it had two quality quarterbacks coming into the season in Griffin and Kirk Cousins. When they failed McCoy looked like he could get it done but this game creates doubts. The Rams stacked the box, stopped Alfred Morris, and dared McCoy to beat them. McCoy couldn’t and the Redskins did not take a snap inside the Rams 20 yard line.

Baker’s premature celebration says a lot about state of the Redskins | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

NFL players and coaches like to say that each play is its own entity, that what happens from snap to whistle doesn’t mean anything beyond that few seconds. But sometimes what happens during a play that epitomizes more than just that particular situation.

Rapid Reaction: Washington Redskins - ESPN

The Redskins now have double-digit loss totals in five of the past six seasons. This goes way beyond quarterback Robert Griffin III, and the heat will be on first-year coach Jay Gruden -- and it should also fall on general manager/president Bruce Allen.

Colt McCoy move hasn't helped Jay Gruden's future with Redskins - ESPN

The gamble didn’t seem so difficult when you flipped on the film. For the Redskins’ coaches, it was obvious that Robert Griffin III needed more work and wasn’t ready to lead this offense. Their conclusion: He might never get there, either.

Redskins undecided at quarterback - Washington Redskins Blog - ESPN

A couple times during the game quarterback Robert Griffin III warmed up on the sidelines, causing a slight buzz about what would happen next. But all that happened is that he would slip a coat back on and stay on the sidelines.

St. Louis Rams 24, Washington Redskins 0: Ten Observations - ESPN

The more I think about it, the more this place just needs to be rebuilt. The organization needs a fresh start -- and I think Robert Griffin III needs one as well. As long as he’s here Griffin will be a dominant story, even if he’s not playing. That’s not always his fault, but it is the world in which he now lives. And when you have players ripping you to TMZ of all places, then it’s even worse. And it won’t end.

It Sounds Like Redskins Park Has Become a Very Lonely Place for Robert Griffin III " CBS DC
"Last Friday, after practice, he was on the field by himself for like 40 minutes, just punting the ball, and running after it," reporter Mike Jones said of RG3. "And punting the ball, and running after it."

Week 14 NFL Rewind -