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Marshall Faulk Asks What the Redskins Need to do to Gain an Edge?

The GMC Professional Grade series continues with another question from Marshall Faulk

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"To be GMC Professional Grade you must be precise. The playoffs demand precision, as the talent gap has narrowed considerably. As the last month of regular season winds down, what areas need to be sharpened to give your team an edge?"

Well Marshall, I realize that you're talking to a lot of teams that aren't named the Redskins with your question this week.  The Redskins haven't been precise with anything this year.  Offense, defense, and special teams have all taken turns making the Redskins a losing team, but when they work together like they did yesterday, it truly is a thing of beauty.  The defense gets the least of the blame this week, but they were not faultless.  So what can be sharpened on the defensive side of the ball?  Covering WRs, TEs, RBs, and any other eligible receivers would be a wonderful area to start gentleman.  If Jim Haslett is reading this, London Fletcher said his number is still the same, give him a call for some advice.

Special Teams was performing better following the first few weeks of adjustment to Ben Kotwica's special forces mentality, but it looked like Burns releasing the hounds again in 2013.  Tress Way was having a Pro Bowl worthy season and had the 3rd best net average to 15th in the league.  Tavon Austin returned a punt 78 yards for a touchdown, and averaged 35.8 yards on 4 returns.  Way was also responsible for a failed punt fake, trying to run for a 1st down on 4th and 5, gaining only 2 yards.  But on a brighter note, they were able to intimidate Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein enough to make him miss an extra point and two field goals.  It had to have been that right?  So work on that special teamers, practice putting your hands up in an intimidating manner.

The offense was missing their deep threat receiver with DeSean Jackson sitting due to leg contusions.  This, combined with the Rams stifling defense, and general poor play and coaching by everyone involved with the Redskins offense led to a shut out loss. A loss where Colt McCoy was the rushing leader and Alfred Morris ended with 6 yards rushing on 8 attempts....6 yards rushing on 8 attempts.  Darrel Young played 3 snaps yesterday...3 snaps.  Do I need to say what needs to be "sharpened" up here?

So how do the Redskins gain an edge this year?  They don't, simple as that.  They are limping to the finish line right now with three division games left and an injured QB, and two other QBs the coach doesn't even want to see the field.  It's December and this is Redskins football right now.  The changes need to come from the top, but that's a story for another post.  Maybe Mr. Faulk will ask about organizational, scouting, and GM changes next week.  One can only hope...

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