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St Louis Rams vs Washington Redskins Post-Game: Jay Gruden Presser

Jay Gruden answers questions following the Redskins shutout loss to the Rams

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Injury updates:

Colt McCoy:

Player effort today:

Putting Robert Griffin III into the game:

Starting QB situation:

"We've got to look at Colt and see how his neck is doing and then look at the tape and see what happened, as far as the protection is concerned," Gruden said, when asked about the starter for the Redskins‘ upcoming road game against the New York Giants on Dec. 14.

"You know, one of the reasons we took out Robert in the first place is the lack of production on offense. We brought Colt in here, and he did some good things last week, and this week - same thing. No production, so to speak, but I've got to look at the film to try to make a judgment on the quarterback situation."

His job:

Quality of the team's play:

London Fletcher's comments on Jim Haslett:

Moving forward:

Player motivation:

Third and long struggles...again:

Tress Way punt fake: