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Redskins dominated by Rams 24-0

The Redskins were absolutely dominated on all three phases of the game today, falling to 3-10 on the season and making it extremely obvious that these two organizations that will be forever linked by the RG3 trade are heading in dramatically different directions.

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1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter


St. Louis Rams






Washington Redskins






The Redskins find themselves in a familiar spot this December, with a 3-9 record the playoffs out of reach and a lot of questions about the future of the franchise that need to be answered, and tickets selling for the lowest price since 2009.

This weeks Redskins drama features reports of Dan Snyder being willing to fire Jay Gruden after one season if he is not willing to start RG III next season. To add fuel to the fire this morning, London Fletcher ripped into defensive coordinator Jim Haslett whom he deemed "clueless".

Some on the field storylines heading into today's game: The Redskins biggest deep threat DeSean Jackson will not play today, as well as defensive leader Keenan Robinson as well as Brandon Meriweather.

Because of injuries young guys like Phillip Thomas, Will Compton, and Ryan Grant will get additional opportunities.

Colt McCoy will get his first home start with the Redskins, against the Rams that was supposed to be the matchup of RG III vs. the seven players the Rams received as a result of the trade for Griffin.

After moving the ball very well to start the game including four first downs including a third and long conversion McCoy throws an interception to end the Redskins opening drive. The Redskins established a good offensive and passing rhythm only to have the momentum shot with a turnover, something that has plagued the Redskins all season.

On the other side of the ball, the Redskins had a third down stop, only to have it negated by a hit to a defenseless receiver. These are the types of plays on both sides of the ball that absolutely kill the momentum and moral of your team. The Redskins have had too many of these types of plays all season.

Tight ends continue to gash the Redskins defense who have not to this point learned how to cover a seam route. Ryan Clark bit on the run fake and Phillip Thomas was aligned deep and outside, leaving the middle wide open, no one within ten yards of him when he caught the ball. The Rams strike first, up 6-0 after the Rams missed the extra point.

The Redskins have to score points on this drive. After a nice punt return my Tavon Austin the Redskins defense stopped the Rams three times in the red zone to force a chip shot field goal which the Rams missed. The lead remains at 6-0. Kerrigan also added to his career high sack total getting number 10.5 on the year.

However, after just three plays the Redskins give it right back to the Rams. The Redskins offense hasn't looked as good as they did on the opening drive.

In one of the sloppiest first halves of the season the Redskins have been unable to get anything going offensively, while the Rams left seven points on the board from two missed field goal and extra point miss as well as what should have been a touchdown pass to Kenny Britt that was overthrown. Rams lead heading into the locker room 6-0. The Redskins have less than 100 yards of offense heading into the locker room.

The Rams finally got their field goal conversion on their first drive of the second half, now leading the Redskins 9-0.

In one of the most bizarre play calls of the season, the Redskins called a fake punt deep in their own territory who found out that although Tress Way is a pro bowl caliber punter, he is not a pro bowl caliber runner...

The Rams take advantage of the failed fourth down attempt, and after a big reception by Stedman Bailey the Redskins decide to go with the classic "don't cover the tight end" coverage as Jared Cook gets his second TD of the day. Then the Rams showed the Redskins how to convert a special teams fake, completing the two point conversion to stretch the lead to 17-0.

With the lead at 17, and the way the Redskins offense has performed today this game is pretty much out of reach. It may be time to put Robert Griffin III into the game, the Redskins offense has less than 100 yards of total offense and Tress Way is the leading rusher.

After another failed drive by the offense, the Redskins special teams of old showed up allowing a 79 yard punt return for a touchdown. The Rams stretch the lead to 24. RG III was tossing the ball on the sideline as the very small crowd at FedEx field chants R-G-3. This team is a mess.

The Rams have not played their best game today, yet they find themselves up 24-0. A fitting score to show two organizations heading in dramatically different directions.

For what its worth, the Redskins offense is noticeably less dangerous without the presence of DeSean Jackson, but that is no excuse for the pitiful offensive performance the Redskins have had today.

Colt McCoy tosses his second interception of the day, and the Redskins season has hit a new low. I don't have words to describe the current state of the Redskins. They have three quarterbacks on their roster who have lost their confidence, they have a first year head coach that is not working out and has a five year fully guaranteed deal, and the general manager is still talking up the fall harvest and the pro bowl cheerleader. The Redskins will need major changes but where do you start? To say the Redskins need a rebuild is a gross understatement.

Robert Griffin III is entering the game with two minutes remaining down 24-0 behind an O-line that is showing no fight.... it appears that McCoy is injured and that it is not a coaching decision.

A fitting end to the game, the Redskins attempt a fade pattern on a fourth and two when they have exactly zero receivers who can run the fade route well.

Final score: Rams 24 Redskins 0