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Today's Redskins Game is About the Future

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For today, my hope is to see a competitive, mistake free game from the younger players we have out there competing. I don't care at all about a win. If we get one because we had guys step up and play good assignment football; great. If we lose, I really won't be upset.

What would make me happy is to see guys like Philip Thomas, Will Compton, Trent Murphy, Bashaud Breeland, David Amerson, Morgan Moses, Tom Compton, Silas Redd and Jordan Reed step up and play well.

We we should all know by now is that Colt McCoy is not the answer for the future of this team at quarterback. Anyone who watched his games during his time at Texas, and during his brief stint as a starter at Cleveland, knows this. The kid was a great college quarterback, and a heck of a gamer, but he's lacking in key areas that can make him a successful NFL quarterback.

The number one problem I have with Colt McCoy is his lack of adequate arm strength. There have been guys who can succeed in the NFL with less-than-average arms, but they usually have other key attributes that help overcome this. Some may be very fast and elusive. Some may have pin-point accuracy. Others are like coaches on the field. McCoy does not show me anything exeptional in these areas, and his arm may be one of the weakest in the NFL.

The areas of concern I have with his arm, are his ability to drive the the deep DIG route, the 10 yard out or comeback from the opposite hash, and of course, the deep ball. When you have a player like DeSean Jackson on your team, it's important to be able to take your shots downfield, but what good does this do when you have a quarterback who maxes out at 50 yards through the air? This means he's probably only throwing the ball 40 yards from the line of scrimmage. We have Cousins who can air it out over 60 yards, and Griffin who can reach over 70. We have also seen both young quarterbacks fit balls into tight windows in the middle of the field, and make that tough sideline throw between the corner and safety. McCoy does not have the arm talent to do this.

So, as I watch the game today, I'll be routing for some young guys to step up, and prove they deserve to be on this team in the future. I'll also be routing for playmakers to make plays, and young guys to execute their assignments. One thing I really could care less about however, is the play of Colt McCoy. If this team attempts to move forward with McCoy as a starter in 2015, we are all in for a very long ride.