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What If Dan Snyder Fell Out Of Love?

Starting the off-season with a hypothetical question.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Week 17 marks the end of another disappointing season for the Washington Redskins. After a 4-12 campaign, the Redskins enter their favorite part of the season; the season of optimism. A time of year the front office can spend money and draft picks, spin it in a positive manner, and sell the fan base on the idea that next season is going to be different. It's comparable to drowning for 17 weeks and then being dropped a life boat.....that has a hole in it. While there is plenty of blame to go around, most fans wouldn't bat an eye before pointing directly at the owner: Dan Snyder. Since Snyder bought the team in 1999, the franchise has been a constant landslide on the coast of the NFL and their isn't much left above water. At a young 50 years of age, most fans have come to grips with the fact that Snyder is going to own this team for a very long time....the others have switched teams. Since it's the season of speculation, I'd like to start the off-season with a hypothetical question: What if Dan Snyder was willing to sell the team? Let me explain...

Dan Snyder is like most fans (which is a large part of the problem). He was raised a Redskins fan and experienced going to Redskins games with his father. He still holds those experiences close to his heart and it's what spurred his motivation to buy the team in the first place. But what if the team no longer held the same traditions that he fell in love with? Since the off-season has begun, the inevitable name change discussion that has frequented each of the last few off-seasons is right around the corner.

Many fans that were raised with the mascot, theme, colors and traditions said they'd turn in their fan card if the team were to make changes because it wouldn't be the team they were raised to root for anymore. What if Dan Snyder was the same? He has already come out and dubiously said the team would "NEVER" change the name. With that level of insensitivity, it's obvious he feels strongly on the topic.

The hypothetical question I pose is directed towards the pro-name crowd. Would you change your stance on the name change if it meant Dan Snyder would fall out of love and sell the team? Take a moment. It's a multi-layered question. It doesn't necessarily mean he'll sell it to a better owner but if the possibility he could is your only chance at legitimate hope, would it change your mind?