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A Letter To The Redskins, And Their Response.

After years of inept, irresponsible handling of a once proud franchise, I had to write a letter to the Redskins.

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Dan Snyder has now owned the Redskins for half of my life. Unfortunately, it's been for the half of my life that I've been old enough to truly appreciate a winning team. Needless to say, I've had nothing to appreciate.

So I decided to write a letter to the Redskins.

To Whom it May Concern,

I'm a third generation Redskins fan. You can verify this by looking up the last name Hess and seeing that my grandfather, William Seymour Hess, became a season ticket holder in 1961. My father decided not to renew for the 2011 season. Why, you ask? It simply became a lost cause. Money flushed down the toilet. Just think about that for a minute. A family that was loyal to this company for 50 years had to let it go.

And it seems we made the right choice. Actually, seem is the wrong word to use. We definitely made the right choice. This team is a ship without a captain. And the ship isn't just sinking, it's collecting algae at the bottom of the Atlantic.

The General Manager is nowhere to be found, and only seems to want to discuss Harvest Fest. Does he not realize the team he manages has now permanently set up camp in the basement of the NFC East? That's cowardly.

The defensive coordinator is statistically the second worst in the history of football. He's been here one year longer than Gregg Williams was. That's insane.

You gave up three first rounders for a quarterback. In front of that quarterback you put one first rounder and little else. That's irresponsible.

You'd think a team that won three titles with THE HOGS would understand the importance of the line.

You constantly ignore the safety position.

I see no end to the losing. It certainly won't end with Bruce Allen at the helm. It won't end with A.J. Smith taking over (if that is your hair-brained scheme). It won't end with signing big time free agents. It won't end with being the lead story on NFL Sunday Countdown every morning.

It ends when you hire a real GM. It ends when you hire a stronger personnel and scouting department. It ends when you build through the draft. It ends when you invest in the offensive and defensive lines. It ends when the owner stops hanging out with his pet players.

But until it ends I must walk away from this team. My dad severed ties with you in 2011 after 50 years, and that was probably 10 years too late.

Redskins tickets used to be an heirloom in my family. They were a rite of passage for children. They were part of who we were. I used the past tense in that last sentence, because we're done. Perhaps I'll look into following the Panthers. Maybe the Ravens? But I can't follow the Redskins. I'm indifferent to you at this point...and that's worse than hate.

We had a nice 50 years with you. The 80s were nice to my dad (I was a little young to remember). I think it's just time we go our separate ways.


The Redskins were actually gracious enough to respond. And here I was thinking that all they cared about was sucking people out of money, and selling false hope every year.

Their response:

Thank you for your passion and support of the Washington Redskins!

We value comments and opinions from all of our fans.  We look forward to your continued support in 2015.

Hail to the Redskins!