Washington - St. Louis: Ask Turf Show Times

OK, both of these teams are on the outside looking in when it comes to the post season for 2014. Enough said... But it doesn't mean there's not loads of meaning to this game when the Rams visit the Redskins this week.

First, there's the last few times these teams have met. Is it just me who sees there's a bit of a rivalry brewing? I mean, the last couple times these two teams met, it got pretty heated on the field. True, Cortland Finnegan is long gone from the Rams, and he seemed to push Redskins players' buttons more than most... Then there's the subject of "The Trade", and I'll tell right now I've heard enough about it. It could easily gone against the Rams, who are still without a franchise QB.

I'm an Editor and writer for Turf Show Times, the St. Louis Rams site here at SBNation. I thought I'd drop in to talk, not just about this game, but what the future holds for each team. Let's talk players to watch this week, but also take the long view toward the draft in 2015.

Players to watch for the Rams has to include Robert Quinn, but also rookie defensive tackle Aaron Donald. This young guy is going to be special. Who do the Redskins have across from him, and how do you think he'll do? Speaking of Quinn, he's been on fire the last four weeks. What kind of offensive packages do the Redskins have to negate him?

Pierre Garcon has had a quiet 2014, but I put it down to all the quarterback questions swirling around. If he's set man-on-man against Janoris Jenkins, he could have a big day. Jenkins have a gambler streak in him that bites him in the butt more often than not... What players should the Rams be keeping tabs on this Sunday?

I know this stings a little, but let's get this one out there because I'm truly curious to hear where you think RGIII will be in 2015? Personally, I just don't understand what's happened to this remarkably talented young quarterback?

I'll be here off and on all week to answer any questions you may have about the Rams, and I'll be asking a few more about the Redskins as the game gets closer... Should anyone from Turf Show Times drop in, and forget they're guests on your site, please don't hesitate to let me know...

Here's to a great game, and may the injury demons steer well clear of both teams! - Douglas M