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Black Monday Poll: Do the Redskins Have to Fire Jim Haslett?

Is Jim Haslett even under contract for 2015? Is he a real-life Milton?

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

All of us are saying that we have to fire Jim Haslett. Do we? Didn't he sign a two-year extension in 2012 that lasted through 2014? The title of the article is only partially misleading. I am not recommending--UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES--that we keep Jim Haslett around next season.

All I am saying is maybe we just don't have to sign him up to another contract! You know...FIX THE GLITCH!

Before we all jump off the deep end today, let's take a second and let the Redskins make their move first. The fact that even our friend Grant Paulsen can't tell for sure if Haslett is still under contract or not says something about the murkiness of this situation. (Can we get that tweet posted back up in the comments section?) (how about here? - HH)

Part of what I love about this entire situation is how little any of it makes sense. Coaches who have done WAY more than Haslett are getting nuked all over the league today and his name has not even been mentioned. Is it as easy as just not re-hiring Haslett? Wouldn't it be just like the Redskins to turn "Should we fire Jim Haslett?" into "Let's RE-SIGN Haslett!!!!"

I is just too good soul-crushing.