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Merry Christmas Hogs Haven Faithful!

Happy Holidays Redskins Nation!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Another year has passed here at Hogs Haven, and once again we have outperformed the team we follow!  Congratulations everyone!  We have seen great growth on the site, on social media, and in the quality of both commenters and writers.  I started stepping in for the great Kevin Ewoldt a little over a year ago, and I'm happy to have the opportunity to provide content and still interact with everyone on a daily basis.

Today is Christmas, so please use this open thread to share any Christmas stories, well wishes, or wishlists for the Redskins in the future.  Ask for anything, go crazy.  New GM, owner, DC, OC, HC, QB, OL, DL, S, CB, OLB, stadium, field.  Get it all out there.

I'm currently waiting for my kids to get bored with the new Xbox One, and give me a chance to play my new games, this might take a while...

And finally, a brief gif recap of Christmas Eve at my house:

My 6 year old who still believes in Santa

My 6 year old after his 9 year old brother tried telling him Santa doesn't bring the presents

And then...

The End