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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Beating Philadelphia is its own reward...made better by having all those fine folks from Philly on hand to see it!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

1. I made sure to personally thank anyone in green for making the trip to FedEx on Sunday to see their team lay an egg. While I hate sharing FedEx with so many Eagle-loving...ahem...people, it warms my heart to have them there as their team exits the postseason. Oh no! What's that? You can't sing the worst fight song in the history of the NFL after getting eliminated from the playoffs by one of the worst teams in the league? That is just a shame.

2. Watching a team that has been so dominant at points this season (Philadelphia) get handled by the Redskins puts a lot of things in perspective. I am past the, "If we had only played this well earlier in the season, things would be different" stage. That ship sailed after the Minnesota game. The truth is that it isn't like the Redskins were world-beaters on Saturday. Both teams played pretty poorly, and in the end, the backup quarterback for Philadelphia made one too many mistakes. We have watched that movie here a million times. Still, beating Philadelphia means something. I think it has to mean something for Jay Gruden and Robert Griffin III, doesn't it? It has been over a year since RG3 won a game he started. If Jay and Bob failed to get a win together, the offseason would be even longer than it is already about to be. Trust me, these guys need hang their hats on while they are stuck together all spring trying to make this relationship work.

3. Was I the only one who had a secret desire for the Dallas game to be meaningful? I could not and did not get to the point where I actively rooted for the Eagles to win, but some part of me really wanted Dallas to have to come to FedEx with the weight of the world on their shoulders. That would have made for an exciting close to the season.

4. Let me be very clear when I suggest to you all that a sweep of Dallas this year would simply be HUGE. Of course we would all trade it in for a playoff appearance. Of course we would all rather be playing with actual stakes on the line in a week 17 meeting with our nemesis. I argue that there are stakes on the line. In a year where the Redskins underperformed from the start, finishing the season with a .500 record in the division would mean something. To me, anyway. Finishing breakeven in the NFC East in a year where we managed just a handful of wins would not register in my all-time favorite seasons, but in a one-game scenario, a win over Dallas is pretty much always going to brighten my day.

5. Don't tell me that draft position matters when we are playing Dallas. If anything, dropping a spot (I think only Chicago could leapfrog us unless I am mistaken) could help us. I say this because you just KNOW people are going to be screaming about the possibility of reaching to get whichever player we end up drafting. No matter what, we will be in position to draft a very good player with a very high ceiling in the NFL. Give me that plus two wins over Dallas every single year and I will find a way to be happy.

6. As I noted above, we are about to enter a VERY important offseason. On the offensive side of the ball, we all feel pretty certain that Griffin and Gruden are going to be locked in a room together, reminiscent of all those " Seven Minutes in Heaven" basement party games. Get your popcorn ready for that. On the defensive side of the ball, how sure are we that the organization is going to get rid of certain coaches? I mean, I have been shocked on an annual basis in recent years when Jim Haslett was retained. Is it possible they will bring him back again? God help me, I think it is possible. Maybe we should all start a "Retain Jim Haslett" movement, in the hopes that it will cause Dan Snyder to fire him. Whatever you do, please do NOT press for a promotion of Raheem Morris to the coordinator position. Lordy...he is not the answer. I've said it before and I'll say it again: don't let Rex Ryan be unemployed for an hour. Tell him he can pick his own staff and tell him to get started immediately. There's a lot of unlearning that needs to happen, and we can't waste a second. If not Rex Ryan, then who would you want?