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Marshall Faulk Searches for Resiliency On the Redskins Roster

Sometimes a player with the most heart has the Professional Grade resilience that can will a team to victory, no matter the circumstances. Which player leaves everything on the field?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Oh Marshall...your weekly does of Professional Grade questions helps me remember--each and every week--that I am still covering a professional football organization.

Since this question was asked prior to the Redskins victory over Philadelphia, I will keep that aspect out of the answer, but really, there is no need to delve into the negative when Ryan Kerrigan is such a positive. Regardless of what is at stake, I can always count on Ryan Kerrigan to give absolutely everything he has.

I am not saying that there aren't other players who are similarly motivated, but when one of your best players puts out the kind of effort that is so evident on every snap as Kerrigan does, it is a great thing, and is priceless when you are trying to build a team.

It is one thing to be known for having a "high motor" and a relentless drive to perform, but when you find yourself in yet another crappy season, it just feels even more commendable to see it in action.

Is there another player you would nominate over Ryan Kerrigan for this honor?

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