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Saturday Slop: Gameday- Redskins vs Eagles

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web as they get set to face the Eagles.

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Redskins Gameday Thoughts and Analysis | ESPN Redskins Blog

The coaches and offensive staff know the difficult task ahead if Griffin returns. The one thing that would be almost certain is that if he does come back, he will not be handed the job like he was last season. That was a mistake. Griffin never looked that much better than anyone else in training camp -- or, at least, like a guy ready to have a solid season. There's just too much inconsistency.

Redskins Mailbag Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Keim: DeSean Jackson is certainly not an untouchable, but I don't think you would get a whole lot for him at this point, though I haven't talked to anyone about this possibility. Can't imagine you'd get more than a fourth-round pick. Yes, he makes big plays, but there are things to consider with him that lessens his value, starting with durability. But if you put him with a top quarterback? Fun to watch.

Roy Helu, Keenan Robinson among the inactives | ESPN Redskins Blog

Three things I hope to see from the Redskins |

Griffin, Redskins have a lot to prove vs Philly | CSN Washington

If Griffin plays well against the Eagles and Cowboys, it's going to be difficult for the Redskins to move on from a player they mortgaged the future to acquire. If he struggles and the offense fails to produce, Gruden and Co. may have no other choice than to push the reset button on the game's most important position this offseason, as difficult as that would be.

Redskins challenge will be keeping Griffin upright | CSN Washington