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Santana Moss Fined $22,050 For Yelling at Referee and Ejection

Santana Moss was the only Washington Redskins player fined for last week's game against the New York Giants

The NFL has fined Redskins WR Santana Moss $22,050 for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and the ejection that followed in last Sunday's game against the New York Giants.  Robert Griffin III had rushed for a touchdown on 3rd down seconds before time ran out, but he lost possession of the ball before regaining it and crossing the goal line.  He then lost the ball again when he hit the ground out of bounds.  The play was reversed and several current and former NFL officials explained why the reversal was the correct call including Dean Blandino and Mike Pereira.

Redskins players did not take the reversal well, especially Santana Moss, who immediately went up to the referees, including Head referee Jeff Triplette, and began screaming and pointing at them.  Teammates and coaches tried to separate Moss from the officials to avoid penalties or worse.  That did not happen, and Moss was penalized and ejected from the game.  And now he has a large fine as a result of losing his cool.

Triplette said Moss was ejected for his language and for pointing at an official. He was assessed two 15-yard penalties. The first for his actions toward the referee and the second for his action toward field judge Alex Kemp.

"The first one was directed at me with the language and the point. Probably everybody saw that," Triplette said. "Then the second one, when he got them away, it was a second group of inappropriate language, derogatory, directed at the official specifically."

Santana Moss explained what happened, and apologized for getting ejected from the game which didn't help the team.  This is likely Moss's last season with the Redskins, and it was just one more thing to add to the list of things that have gone wrong during his time here.