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Why You Should Care About Tonight's Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars Game

Why does the worst Thursday Night Football game of the season matter for the Redskins future?

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Tonight's Titans vs Jaguars game is easily the least watchable Thursday Night Football game this season, and you have to really, really be terrible to get that distinction this year. A division game between two teams who have a combined 4 wins with a rookie QB going against Clipboard Jesus has all the makings of a mind-numbingly terrible game.

So why does this game matter to Washington Redskins?  The Redskins currently are in position to get the #5 overall draft pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

As you can see by the current draft order, 4 teams have a worse record, and all of them currently have one less win the the Redskins.  The draft order is determined by strength of schedule, so the team who's opponents have won less games during the season will get the higher draft pick due to playing weaker competition.  The lower the strength of schedule percentage, the better off your team is in the draft order.

Tampa Bay is currently at #1, and unless they start winning, they have a good chance at the top pick. Oakland sits at #4 and they should stay in the Top 5 no matter what happens.  The two teams sitting at #2 and #3 happen to be the two teams playing tonight, and unless they tie, one of them will share a 3-11 record with the Redskins and Jets.

Does it matter which one wins for the Redskins?  Of course it does, and you should be a Jaguars fan tonight for that reason. If the Redskins lose out they will be sitting with a 3-13 record again, and will lock up a Top 5 pick.  That pick can go higher with a Jaguars win tonight due to their higher strength of schedule percentage.  If the Titans win tonight's game the Redskins hold at #5, and will need help from the Raiders who play the Bills this week and the Broncos next week.

The Jaguars have a much better chance of winning this week, so go Jaguars.  If they do not win this week, there is always next week when they face the Texans who likely have Jeff Garcia, Vinny Testaverde and Tim Tebow on call to play QB for them at this point.

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