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Michael Vick Wanted DeSean Jackson on the Jets; Calls Playing for Redskins a Dream Come True

Michael Vick says coming home to play for the Redskins would be a dream for him

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick signed a 1 year, $5 million deal with the New York Jets the same day the Jets released Mark Sanchez.  Vick spent spent the previous 5 years playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, the same team that Mark Sanchez ended up signing with this offseason and is currently starting for.  The Eagles signed Vick following a conviction and 23 month jail sentence for dogfighting that nearly ended his NFL career and bankrupted him.

Being with the Eagles for so many years as a starting and backup QB, Vick is very familiar with WR DeSean Jackson, who was drafted the year before Vick joined the team. Vick started one game his first year with the team, and then started at least 10 games the next 3 years.

When Vick signed with the Jets, there were rumors about DeSean Jackson's standing with the Eagles, rumors about them trading him, and then finally his release came on March 29th.  Vick told Newsday that he talked to Jackson about coming to the New York Jets to play with him.  The Washington Redskins moved quickly to sign DeSean, and didn't let him leave the area before signing a new 3 year, $24 million contract.

The prospect of being able to reunite with Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson also excites Vick. After he signed with the Jets in March, Vick said the pair talked about Jackson signing there as well.

"Being honest, yeah, we talked about it once I signed,'' Vick said of getting his former Eagles teammate to the Jets. "And of course, DeSean is my little brother. I'm not saying he wanted to follow me, but he also knows what type of player I am and I know how to get him the ball.

"I know his speed, I know his acceleration path, I know when he's coming out of his breaks. There's nobody that knows DeSean Jackson better than me. I think he knows that, and we were just trying to position ourselves to be together again, but it didn't work out.''

Vick's season with the Jets has been rocky, along with second-year QB Geno Smith. Smith started the season, but after Week 8 he had been benched in favor of Vick.  That only lasted 3 games, and now Smith is back as the starting QB.

The problem for the Jets, is the same problem the Washington Redskins have, not winning football games.  Vick, a former #1 overall pick for the Atlanta Falcons who is now 34 years old, still thinks that he can be a starting QB for a team in the NFL. He told Newsday that he's open to re-signing with the Jets but there's another team out there that would be a dream job for him.

"That's home,'' the Virginia native said, beaming like a child. "That's home for me. Don't get me excited. Don't get me excited.''

"I'm open to playing for anybody that wants to win,'' Vick said. "But obviously, going back home, I mean, that'll be a dream come true,'' he said, smiling again. "But I would hate to get my hopes up for something that wouldn't happen. So I can't even think about it right now.''

Michael Vick, QB for the Washington Redskins?  Like Vick said, he is from the area(Newport News, Virginia) and played high school football there.  He went to college at Virginia Tech, where he started for two years before being the #1 overall draft pick, taken by the Atlanta Falcons in 2001.

The Newsday article mentions the possibility of Robert Griffin III not being on the Washington Redskins next year.  This has obviously been discussed this year with Griffin's struggles, injuries, and Gruden's criticism of the QB.  With one year left on his rookie deal, and a 5th year option on the table that is almost certainly not being picked up, rumors will continue about Griffin's future in Washington.

The Redskins have two other QB currently on the roster.  Kirk Cousins has been relegated to the doghouse in Washington after his stint as starter ended due to a crippling habit of throwing interceptions and not winning games.  He was replaced by 3rd string QB Colt McCoy, who was signed to a 1 year deal during the offseason.  McCoy seemed to be the favored option for Jay Gruden, until he was injured two weeks ago while being sacked by Robert Quinn.  He was re-injured this week vs the Giants and has been placed on injured reserve.

All three QBs could return next year, but that doesn't mean the Redskins won't bring in another veteran for competition.  Would Michael Vick be an option to bring in next season?  Vick became a better player with the Eagles, but still struggled with reading defenses and protecting himself from injury by sliding, avoiding contact, etc.  Vick's days as a franchise QB are over, but he could extend his career by continuing to play the veteran QB role.  If either Kirk Cousins or Robert Griffin III is traded next offseason, will DeSean Jackson make a case for bringing Michael Vick to Washington?