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Redskins Practice 12/17: Jay Gruden Presser; Injury Updates, RGIII and the Last Two Games

Jay Gruden answers questions from the media after this morning's practice

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

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Injury updates:

Jordan Reed's absence:

AJ Smith:

Young players:

Wide Receivers:

QB protection issues:

Bashaud Breeland:

Ryan Kerrigan:

Player turnover on defense:

Robert Griffin III:

"You know what, I don't have much of a concern really. I know that no matter what I say about Robert, it's going to get twisted one way or the other. If I say he's doing great, it's going to be that I'm too easy on him. If I say he needs to work harder, it means I said he's lazy. If I say he needs to work on his fundamentals, it means I don't like him. I got a ton of respect for Robert man, for what he goes through at the quarterback position, what he's already accomplished as a young quarterback, and what he's going to accomplish in the future.

How we coach him in here is how we coach him, but we can't let the outside world affect what we do in here. And the whole idea of coach player relationship is to get better every day, and work on our game, work on what I do, work on what I can do to make him better. That's the bottom line and that's all we can do, that's all we want to do."