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Poll: Which T-Shirt Captures Your Feelings About the Redskins?

The Redskins have been a disaster this year, and it's not a new thing.

It's that time of year again, the holiday season is here and with the Redskins season once again finished before the month of December starts, everyone wants changes.  Some people are calling for the quarterback(s) head, some want the coach gone, most people want the general manager fired, and pretty much everyone wants the owner to sell the team.  It's dark times once again in Washington, and the boos, cheap tickets, and empty seats have been showing their faces at FedUp Field for over a month.  I've had the (dis)pleasure of seeing the two worst examples of Redskins football I've seen ever seen live this season with the Bucs and Rams games.  To put this in perspective I've seen a Preseason Week 4 game against the Jaguars, and that game was more entertaining.

So where does that leave us now? Some people have just tuned out because it's too heartbreaking to see something that means so much to them destroyed by an inept owner and organization.  The couch GMs(pretty much everyone) are getting their free agency and draft wish lists ready for the offseason championships.  Other people are in full rage mode, mad at anyone and anything associated with the Redskins organization.

After Sunday's loss to the Giant's ESPN's John Keim wrote this:

    Whether or not Dan Snyder makes changes in the front office and whether or not he puts someone other than Bruce Allen in charge of the football side, it won't change the simple fact that this organization must do a better job. Goodness, how can this team accept what's going on? Do they realize how far removed they are from being a good organization? In five of the last six years they've lost 12, 10, 11, 13 and now 11 games -- with two remaining.

    The Redskins lost 53 games from 1981-91. They have lost 63 games in the last six years combined. And that's with a division title that interrupted the last-place finishes. From 1971-92, the Redskins had one double-digit loss season. They've had 12 from 1993-2014. And of those 12, five have occurred since 2008. It's not working and it's not getting any better.
    And the national media will always add to a Dan Snyder dumpster fire...

    A brief history of time with Dan Snyder...

    Starting QBs in the Dan Snyder Era:

    Brad Johnson

    Jeff George

    Tony Banks

    Shane Matthews

    Patrick Ramsey

    Danny Wuerffel

    Tim Hasselbeck

    Mark Brunell

    Jason Campbell

    Todd Collins

    Donovan McNabb

    Rex Grossman

    John Beck

    Robert Griffin III

    Kirk Cousins

    Colt McCoy

    Head Coaches in the Dan Snyder Era:

    Norv Turner

    Terry Robiskie

    Marty Schottenheimer

    Steve Spurrier

    Joe Gibbs

    Jim Zorn

    Mike Shanahan

    Jay Gruden

    Free Agency/Trades in the Dan Snyder Era:

    Adam Archuleta

    Mark Carrier

    Deion Sanders

    Jeremiah Trotter

    Jeff George

    Antwaan Randle El

    Albert Haynesworth

    Jason Taylor

    Donovan McNabb

    Jammal Brown

    Our friends at BreakingT have been producing shirts all season to capture moments, moves, and plays for the Washington Redskins and other D.C. teams. This week they have two shirts designs they are considering, but they wanted to let the people decide which one gets printed. The frustration has been building all season for the last decade and a half and the first t-shirt captures that FedUp feeling.

    T-shirt #2 is simple and elegant and is something that 99.9% of Washington Redskins have wished for at one point since this ownership has taken over the team. SELL.
    The voting will go until tomorrow at 11:59 pm. and then the winning T-shirt will be available for sale on Thursday, 12/18/14. Breaking T has told me that orders placed by the morning of Monday 12/22 should arrive in time for Christmas, so if anyone is still looking for a present to get me, I'll take a 2XL.