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Gif Recap: Redskins Lose to the Giants 24-13 via Curb Your Enthusiasm

The Redskins drop to 3-11 for the year after losing to the Giants 24-13

Welp, that was fun. I'm bringing back the gif recaps for this week, and possibly the next two because the season needs a little levity.  Who better than Larry David.  The Giants rookie WR Odell Beckham, Jr took Victor Cruz's role of burning the Redskins flawlessly as the Redskins lost 24-13 yesterday.  Let Larry David and the rest of the Curb Your Enthusiasm cast get you through another loss, and please add any gifs that help tell the story of yesterday's loss or this season in the comments section.

What Colt McCoy said to head trainer Larry Hess on the sidelines after leaving with a neck injury(in my head)

Odell Beckham, Jr scores his first TD against the Redskins

Robert Griffin III drives the team down the field and hits a wide open Chris Thompson for his first NFL TD!

Jay Gruden and Robert Griffin III share a moment on the sidelines

RG3 rushes for the TD right before halftime!

And the refs overturn the TD because...Redskins

Santana Moss unleashes a decades worth of Redskins-related frustration on the referees and gets ejected

He explained it after the game

Odell Beckham, Jr scores his 2nd TD

Odell Beckham, Jr gets his 3rd TD of the game


My reaction after every game this year.

Listening to Jay Gruden explain another loss

My thoughts on Dan Snyder

Fan opinions on Jay Gruden/Robert Griffin III/Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen was asked for comment after the game about Jay Gruden's job

The Washington Redskins

Wait, we have the #5 pick in the draft this year?