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Sunday Slop: Gameday Redskins vs Giants

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web

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Keim: Yes, that's the most likely scenario. But a lot of it depends on what changes, if any, are made to the defensive staff. I would hope they finally try to address safety in a strong manner this offseason. It would be hard, and wrong, to go with two rookies at these spots. They needed to have Ryan Clark paired with a young guy, or just ahead of a young guy ready to take over in 2015. That way, they could learn from a guy who prepares the right way. We haven't seen enough of Phillip Thomas to say he should be a starter. And if there's a new defensive staff, I doubt they would re-sign Brandon Meriweather (just a guess considering how new staffs want their own guys). I would try to find a good veteran safety in free agency and then draft one.

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Favorite football memory: I'd have to say back in high school, winning a state championship. I think it was the second one we had ever won at my high school. The first one we won, my brother was on the first team so for me to be on that second team it was a real big deal. I'm from a real small town so we'd been playing football together since we were 6 years old. That was a big deal

Redskins Gameday: Thoughts and Analysis | ESPN Redskins Blog

What you have to do on this beat is try to paint an accurate picture, based on talking to players and coaches. This is not based on what I'd like to see, what you want to hear or anything else. And the picture right now is that the coaches aren't confident that Griffin can develop to the level they need and players - how many, impossible to say - have their doubts, too. And, yes, they are tired of the drama or focus being so heavily on one player. There's also no doubt some of these feelings toward Griffin, in terms of what they felt about him personally, existed in 2012. But it didn't matter because he was producing. Period.

Redskins-Giants: 5 Storylines to Follow | Washington Post Redskins Blog

4. Special teams blunders: The beleaguered unit is coming off one of its worst performances of the season, surrendering a 78-yard punt return, and giving up a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter. Coordinator Ben Kotwica must get more out of his players. He was brought in to instill discipline and aggression, and so far, very little of that has shown. The struggling offense could use better field position, and the defense would benefit if the coverage units pinned the Giants deep in their own territory. That should lead to more aggressive play-calling from defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.

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