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Dear New York: Thanks For The Manning Face

The one thing that the New York Giants have been consistently good at? Providing an endless supply of Manning Face.

Marshall Faulk: Tis the season: Reach out and give a warm compliment to this week's opponent. But keep it Professional Grade. This is your chance to tell the other team "I like the way your face looks...when you throw an interception." Or maybe "Thanks for making us feel right at the end zones." Let's see what you've got. Be creative.

I feel like Marshall was talking directly to me this week, and serving up some Manningface on a silver platter.

And my personal favorite:

It's going to be a sad day in sports when Eli finally hangs up his cleats:

I was going to write about some of the Giants recent attempts at pre-game smack talk that have backfired, and their impressive math skills, but the season's winding down and at 3-10, I'm just going to post a few below without comment.

"Definitely, how can you take that comment any other way," Grossman said when asked if the Redskins felt disrespected. "Ninety-nine out of 100 times they are going to beat us? And we beat them two in a row this year. I am not going to the casino with him anytime soon."

Rolle admitted on his weekly WFAN radio interview that the Redskins shut him up after sweeping the Giants in the regular season. After the Redskins beat the Giants in the season opener, Rolle said that the Giants were still the better team and "if we played them 100 times, they might win five." Last week on his radio appearance, he said he meant "99" times out of 100.

Ok, one comment. Eagles won 27-0 that week.

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