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Saturday Slop: Getting Ready for the Giants

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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Redskins Mailbag Part 1 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Keim: That's a good question. He did make a killer mistake before the end of the first half, though the defense doesn't have to then give up a touchdown on the ensuing series. Griffin did have a decent game, but the problem for the coaches is that it's his flaws that prevent consistency. You hear it in their comments about him recognizing basic concepts and mistiming his drops with the routes. Also, he was not as decisive in the next two games, a problem that has plagued him in the past. So I don't think it was a matter of regressing as much as this is just where he's at: Unable to be consistent. Despite how some want to ignore reality, I'll stress that these aren't just my observations, this is what I hear

Keenan Robinson out, DeSean Jackson questionable | ESPN Redskins Blog

The Redskins will be minus starters Keenan Robinson and Brandon Meriweather for Sunday's game against the New York Giants. But receiver DeSean Jackson remains a possibility.

QB Colt McCoy to start vs the Giants | ESPN Redskins Blog

Redskins excited to see Chris Thompson | CSN Washington

Which of the 3 Redskins quarterbacks has performed the best this year | CSN Washington

This metric accounts for yards lost to sacks. The league average is 6.4 new yards/attempt. Given that the three QB's have been playing with mostly the same group of pass protectors (with the notable exception of Trent Williams missing all of the 49ers game and three quarters of the Bucs game, both games with Griffin behind center). Still, it shows that Cousins, who played almost all of his snaps with the since-benched Tyler Polumbus at right tackle, is more productive with each dropback than either of the other two. For the record, Cousins was sacked on 3.8 percent of his dropbacks, McCoy on 12.3 percent, and Griffin on 14.6 percent.

Top 10 Redskins I don't want to see back in 2015 |