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A Distraction From the Dumpster Fire

Looking for something to distract you from the quagmire that is the 2014 Redskins?

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports


So I believe I see a common theme in many posts about the Redskins, not just here, but all over the internet. That theme would be...dumpster fire. If you do a Google search of the term, I think Redskins is one of the first results to pop up. It's depressing. It's tiring. It also effects your post game mood. How many times have you kicked a puppy after watching a Skins game? Haven't taken it that far? Good. We don't stand for puppy-kicking here.

In the midst of all this angst, I was sent a link to a great video. It's a much needed distraction from the tar pit the Redskins find themselves in, year after year. This year marks the 15th annual Army-Navy flag football game on Ft. Meade in MD. The game is played in advance of the Army-Navy football game.

This year, the game was filmed by presenting sponsor, USAA. They may be on the same team on the battlefield, but on the football field, the teams are bitter rivals. Take a look at the video and enjoy the distraction. You probably need it.