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Ryan Clark and Frank Kearse Fined for Penalties from Rams Game

Two Redskins defenders received fines for penalties from the Rams game last Sunday

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Two Redskins players receiver FedEx letters today for plays that happened last Sunday during the Redskins vs Rams game. During the First Quarter, Rams QB Shaun Hill threw a pass to TE Jared Cook on 3rd and 1 that was broken up by FS Ryan Clark.  The hit was to the head/neck are and Clark was penalized for unnecessary roughness.  The Rams got a free first down and 16 yards of field position.  Cook left the game to get examined for a possible concussion.  He returned to the game later and caught two touchdown passes.  Ryan Clark was fined $22,050 for the hit today.

Frank Kearse's penalty happened during the 4th quarter, and negated what would have been his 4th sack of the season.  It was 3rd and 5, with the Rams on their own 35 yard line.  Kearse pulled Shaun Hill down by the facemask spinning him around.  He was flagged for the facemask penalty giving the Rams the first down and taking them to midfield.  Kearse received his $8,268 fine today.