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Colt McCoy Officially Cleared To Play; Will Start vs Giants Sunday

Colt McCoy is cleared to make his 4th start of the year for the Redskins this week vs the Giants

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Gruden has made it clear this week that he intends to start Colt McCoy against the Giants if he is cleared to play.  During yesterday's presser, he said that he had seen enough of the 3 QBs on the roster, and Colt McCoy gave the team the best chance to win games now.  Gruden mentioned earlier in the week that the coaching staff would review the game tape from Sunday's 24-0 shutout loss to determine if McCoy would still be the starter, but obviously they have decided to stay with him for now.  Robert Griffin III played the final 2+ minutes of last Sunday's game when McCoy left with the neck injury, but was not able to produce points on the final drive.  John Keim also mentioned that the Redskins were considering the possibility of using Kirk Cousins, but with McCoy healthy, Cousins will once again be inactive.

"I think his decision-making right now is probably the best," Gruden said. "He has been in the NFL as a quarterback the longest, with his experience factor. I think his ability to see coverage, get the ball out, I think probably sets him just ahead of the other guys by just a little bit.

"He still has the mobility, obviously. He's a tough guy. He's a good leader, and players respond to him."

During today's presser, Gruden said that McCoy needed to meet with one more doctor, but it was mostly just a precaution.  Gruden was concerned with McCoy being prepared physically to take the beating that a team allowing multiple sacks per game can expect.  McCoy needed to be cleared, but once cleared, he would be named the starter.  ESPN's John Keim and the Washington Time's Zac Boyer reported today that McCoy returned to Redskins Park and has received the clearance he needs to play from doctors.  McCoy will be making his 4th start this season for the Redskins, and he is 1-2 during his starts.  He also played the 2nd half of the Titans game, leading the team to a victory on the Redskins final drive.

And Robert Griffin III?  He will continue to be the backup until further notice.  If the Redskins continue to allow 6+ sacks per game, he could see time sooner than Jay Gruden wants expects.