Mike Pereira: Refs Made Wrong Call on David Amerson Interception


"Here was the situation: Minnesota had the ball, first-and-10 at its own 39-yard line with 2:18 left before halftime. Washington led, 10-0.

Minnesota quarterback Teddy Bridgewater attempted a pass to Cordarrelle Patterson that appeared to be picked off by the Redskins’ David Amerson. The play was determined to be an incomplete pass on the field as the official ruled that Amerson was out of bounds.

The play was challenged by the Redskins, but the ruling was upheld and the play stood as called, an incomplete pass."

Mike Pereira's final call:

"I think Amerson got control with the right hand and then the left. The knee was down and the elbow hit down in bounds and the ball hit the ground, but he didn’t lose control. To me, this is clear indisputable evidence. I think it should have been an interception."