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Redskins Awards At the Bye -- Top Rookie

Which rookie has made the biggest statement in his first year wearing burgundy and gold?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The polls remain open, but it seems like we can call the bye week MVP race for DeSean Jackson. Unlike most politicians, DJax has actually done the work and has earned the title. I have zero problem at all giving it to him...BUT...

I couldn't bring myself to make that click. I just need more time. I am done hating on DJax from his old Philly days, but the memories are still too fresh for me to completely turn the corner at this point. I stand and cheer for him on Sundays, and I am genuinely excited about his presence on our roster. I am confident that by the beginning of next season, I will be over it. The truth is that it is far less about my pettiness and far more about what Donovan McNabb did to me. (You may remember I was extremely supportive of that deal, and it left a HUGE skidmark on my soul.)

No bother...maybe today is the day for my man Tress Way to rock Hogs Haven! Once again, I'll toss out a trio of options, and should there be additional choices to consider, the people shall have their voice in the comments section. All rec's for rookie candidates below will be counted as votes, so be sure not to start multiple Morgan Moses threads. I would hate for his supporters to be split.

Trent Murphy, OLB/DE

Pressed into regular duty after the injury to Brian Orakpo, the Stanford product has played well enough to stay far, far away from any kind of bust talk. It was great to see him get his first sack against the Vikings, and it seems clear that he is at least a viable option for the Skins to consider as they weigh their decision on Orakpo. I think we all agree that the team is hoping that Murphy can add some bulk to his sizable frame. If he does, he could be a dominant force for us for a long time. Regardless of his size, he is getting valuable experience on the field this season (thank God) which should pay off handsomely in the near term.

Bashaud Breeland, CB

After his showing against the New York Giants, where he was benched midgame for Tracy Porter, it is hard to think of him as a top rookie candidate. That said, isn't a short memory one of the most important qualities an NFL cornerback can have? Breeland has shown he can overcome past mistakes and play with the kind of confidence that suggests those mistakes never happened. In recent weeks, he has looked like a polished veteran at times. Of course, we are still reminded that he is a rookie, but he is making plays. I love the physical aspect of his game. I love the way he found a way to break up that pass to Cordarelle Patterson last week after he got beat initially (Teddy Bridgewater blew that one, by the way). Most of all, like my thoughts on Murphy, I especially love that he is getting time to develop on the field. Listen, I understand you can't just throw bodies into the game in the NFL just for the sake of getting them playing time. That kind of thinking gets people killed. The fact that Breeland and Murphy are holding their own for the most part in their rookie seasons is a HUGE development for this team.

Tress Way, P

What can I say? I voted for this player as our MVP through week nine. Let's quote the handsome gentleman from yesterday:

In addition to rocking a 77-yard punt that ranks as the longest punt in the NFL this season, he sports the longest overall average in the league. His net average puts him seventh overall in the NFL, but he is only a few yards off the top spot. For a team that has struggled mightily in special teams, it is hard for this punter not to stand out. I also love that he is a rookie and has many years ahead of him in burgundy and gold. No, I'm not getting cised for a punter--I am getting cised about having a young player with a bright future that is already performing at a high level. I also love that he is wearing the same number as Jeff Hayes!

Sounds pretty smart...

Have at it, y'all.

(If Tress loses this one, tomorrow I will be doing a "Redskins Awards At the Bye -- Most Valuable Player Named Tress" article.)