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Redskins Awards At the Bye -- Most Valuable Redskin

Which Redskins player deserves the midyear MVP trophy?

Patrick Smith

It hasn't been all bad, everyone. I mean...we TROUNCED Jacksonville!! 3-6, it is hard to get up for mid-season awards. That doesn't mean we won't still get the debates fired up!

Today, we'll tackle the granddaddy of them all...the MVP through nine weeks. There isn't a player alive on a 3-6 team who doesn't live for this kind of action. I'll throw out a few candidates and then open the floor.

Tress Way, P

There is a reason I am leading off with Tress. I have been calling him our MVP since about week four-ish. In addition to rocking a 77-yard punt that ranks as the longest punt in the NFL this season, he sports the longest overall average in the league. His net average puts him seventh overall in the NFL, but he is only a few yards off the top spot. For a team that has struggled mightily in special teams, it is hard for this punter not to stand out. I also love that he is a rookie and has many years ahead of him in burgundy and gold. No, I'm not getting cised for a punter--I am getting cised about having a young player with a bright future that is already performing at a high level. I also love that he is wearing the same number as Jeff Hayes!

DeSean Jackson, WR

Despite my musings about what we could get in return for this player in trade, this guy has been as elite as it gets for the Redskins this season. It is one thing to be fast and agile and to beat defenders to a spot. It is quite another thing to bring down the ball in ludicrous speed...while colliding with either other players or the ground. DJax is a very, very talented player. This much is obvious. He is seventh in the league in total receiving yards, but he is first in plays over 40 yards, almost doubling the total of the guy in second place (ironically, his former teammate, Jeremy Maclin).

Keenan Robinson, LB

This guy's performance has been a bright spot for the Redskins in 2014 (who was that humble writer that told you all summer this guy was a player). The stats sheet has him at seventh overall in total combined tackles, and eighth overall in solo tackles. He has gotten to the quarterback, defended passes and hauled in an interception. His speed has allowed him to get to the outside in pursuit of running backs and tight ends. In his first year as a full-time starter, it is hard to be disappointed in what we have gotten out of this linebacker.

These are my three frontrunners, but there are one or two others you could make a case for at this point of the season (Alfred Morris is just sitting out there...). If you want to offer someone else up, please use this format (player, position, with the argument in the body. I will count rec's on that comment as votes, so be sure not to splinter your Colt McCoy support!