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Sunday Slop: Gameday Redskins vs Colts

A look at the top Redskins stories as they get ready to play the Colts.

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5 Things I want to see from the Redskins today |

Redskins mailbag Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Keim: This isn't about Colt McCoy and some love affair. This is about Griffin not developing the way they want/need him to -- the same is true of Cousins. It's not as if they turned to McCoy right away; it was only after the other two failed that they went to him. McCoy did a better job of running their offense and playing with poise. He's still a limited quarterback. But don't turn this into some sort of love affair with McCoy. Make no mistake: This is about other players' failures.

Getting to know Jarvis Jenkins | ESPN Redskins Blog

"Just progressing. Coming here, have high expectations, setting the bar high, hurt my knee and just trying to progress and be better than I was the week before. I wouldn't say it's pressure, but it was a challenge for me because those guys always want me to be better, to see something better, ‘We need more Jarvis.' It's always like, ‘We need more.' That's the challenge for me, but it's nothing I can't handle. I've had worse."

Redskins Gameday: Notes and Analysis | ESPN Redskins Blog

In the past three games, the Redskins ranked 27th offensively, averaging 294.0 yards per game, according to ESPN Stats & Information. They were 28th in points per game at 15.3. And they were 29th in third-down conversions at 30.8. But the Redskins ranked fourth in yards per carry during this stretch at 4.75. Those numbers go along with what Gruden said of Griffin this week, "When you're talking about pass concepts, there's a lot that has to do with repetition, confidence and knowing where people are and where you get rid of the football. Right now, for whatever reason, it's not clicking as fast as it should be. It doesn't mean he's not going to be a great quarterback one day, here or somewhere else. It just means he needs more time to go through this."

Luck will challenge the secondary | CSN Washington

The best way to protect a shaky secondary is to get a good pass rush. Luck has been sacked just 20 times. The Indy offensive line is not loaded with top draft picks. They start a rookie free agent at center, a rookie second-round pick at left guard, a 2013 third-round pick at right guard, veteran free agent pickup Gosder Cherilus at right tackle and 2011 first-rounder Anthony Castonzo at left tackle. They provide protection that is sometimes spotty but Luck is so good at getting rid of the ball they rarely pay for it.

Pros, cons and X-factor: Redskins vs Colts | CSN Washington

Only six NFL teams have give up more sacks than the Redskins, who have 33 against them. Almost half of those, 16 have come in the past three games with Robert Griffin III at quarterback. The debate around town has been how much of the blame for the sacks falls on the offensive line and how much goes to Griffin. The Colts pass rush 13th in sacks with 28 so pass protection will be tested this week. McCoy was sacked twice in the half he played against the Titans and three times in Dallas so we will see how much better he deals with the suspect offensive line in front of him.