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Hazard's Huddle: Friday Free-For-All (What Do You Want From Your QB?)

An All-22 film breakdown of a play from this past Sunday's game against the 49ers where you get to make the call.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

While everyone has an opinion on Robert Griffin III and the quarterback situation in Washington, no one is more entitled to their opinions than the Redskins fans who follow every game, snap and moment. Therefore, I thought this would be a fun exercise to determine not only what you think of the polarizing figure, but what you expect of him in year three as we look at a specific play.


It's an outside zone left PA bootleg right. This play is designed to get the QB out of the pocket and on the move while cutting the field in half and giving him an easy 1-2-3 read. The reads on this play are as follows: #1. The deep comeback by DeSean Jackson. #2. The crosser by Pierre Garcon. #3. The flat route leak by Niles Paul. (The FB release on a wheel route is designed for specific coverages.) Robert Griffin doesn't yet know if this is Cover 2 man or Cover 2 zone.


As soon as Griffin fakes the hand-off, he gets his head around and looks to DeSean Jackson. Griffin doesn't like the position of the CB on the play so he moves to his next read.


Griffin looks to Garcon who is crossing in the middle of the field but doesn't like it because the LB turns his head around and is looking for the crossing route. Keep in mind, the LB wouldn't know if Griffin threw the ball right now. Also, notice the CB that was trailing DeSean Jackson on the outside also sees the crosser route developing and breaks towards it.


Griffin then dumps it off to Niles Paul who runs for a gain of 11 yards meanwhile DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon are both open.

It's a simple question: What would you most prefer to happen on the play? Would you have wanted him to trust his arm and hit the crossing route? Would you want him to see DeSean Jackson open in the distance as he looked to Niles Paul? Or are you happy he went through his three reads and ended up with an 11 yard gain?