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Robert Griffin III Will Backup Colt vs Colts

In a conference call with Indianapolis Colts reporters, Jay Gruden confirmed Colt McCoy will start, and that RGIII will be the #2 QB

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden spoke with Indianapolis Colts' beat reporters today in a conference call and confirmed Adam Schefter's report last night that Colt McCoy will be getting the start vs the Indianapolis Colts.  The obvious question was whether that meant Griffin would be inactive on gameday since he would not be getting the start.  Kirk Cousins entered the season as the #2 QB behind Griffin, and was the first man up when he was injured in Week 2.  The Cousins era did not last long, and after multiple, multiple turnover games, he was benched in favor of Colt McCoy who was able to finish one game, and start another with victories.  Mutliple reports have said that the Redskins coaches do not like the way that Cousins had responded to adversity, and his attempts to throw his way out of trouble which led to multiple mistakes/turnovers in a short amount of time.  The Redskins drafted Cousins and Griffin in the same draft, and both of them have fallen out of favor, with Colt McCoy being the best option.  So Redskins.