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Who is the Redskins Unsung Hero This Year?

Marshall Faulk asks who is the Unsung Hero on the Washington Redskins this season

Rich Schultz/Getty Images personality and Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk has teamed up with GMC and SB Nation to ask a question every week during the season.  This week's question asks who the Redskins unsung hero is.

"When you're GMC Professional Grade you perform at a high level day in, and day out whether you're being noticed or not.  As we enter the latter part of the season, tell me this, who is the unsung hero.  Who is the person working to get stuff done, regardless if they get the attention or not?"

I'm going to make this one short and sweet because I'm a little late on this and there aren't a lot of candidates for this prestigious designation.  In Redskins Nation, anyone with the slightest bit of talent will never go unsung.  I almost, almost gave a shoutout to my boy Greg Ducre!  here for toiling away on special teams, only to come off the bench and grab his first career interception yesterday.  But I'm going to throw the rules out, ignore that everyone has been calling him the Redskins MVP all year, and ignore the fact that he leads all players at his position in fan Pro Bowl voting.  Tress Way, you've won another award this season, you left-footed bastard.

Chris Baker gave his ringing endorsement yesterday and that is good enough for me:

[Disclaimer: Ken Meringolo had no influence over this post, although his never ending lovefest with Mr Way can never be denied]

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