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Sunday Morning Redskins "Sources" Roundup; Jay Gruden Has Support From Upper Management, Authority to Bench RGIII

Ian Rapoport reports that Redskins brass supports Jay Gruden and he has the power to bench Robert Griffin III if he is not playing well.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The annual tradition of weekly Sunday morning reports on the dysfunctional state of the Washington Redskins is alive and well.  This week's edition follows a bizarre week where everyone who's anyone in Washington was both thrown under and accused of throwing someone else under the bus.  Robert Griffin III's post-game presser and interviews have been picked apart almost as much as his play on the field against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.  Jay Gruden told the world what was wrong with Griffin's play at QB multiple times, and seems to be growing more frustrated by the game.  Is there a power struggle between Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen/Dan Snyder to keep Robert Griffin III in the game, or does Gruden have the power to bench his struggling franchise QB that the Redskins have invested heavily in?

Rich Eisen and Ian Rapoport were on NFL Network this morning, and Rapoport has sources that supposedly give insight into the situation.  The segment then turned to a roundtable discussion on the situation with Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Warren Sapp, Michael Irvin, and Steve Mariucci talking about the situation.

Here are the main tidbits from Rapoport's report:

  • Jay Gruden received support from upper management after his comments about Robert Griffin III's performance.
  • Robert Griffin III's "Special rules" have changed in the organization.  Including no special access for his wife, and other family members.
  • Jay Gruden has the authority to bench RGIII if his play isn't good enough, and benching him is not out of the question.
  • Redskins coaches went back and reviewed game film back to his rookie season in 2012.  They have doubts that he will be able to physically replicate that performance.  Injuries have affected his game.
  • Coaches will try to call a gameplan to "make life easy" for Griffin today.  Quick throws, easy reads, getting the ball out fast.  They've adjusted the playbook all week, and Griffin had a good week of practice

Is it 4:25 yet?