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Alfred Morris Tells Redskins Fan She Is Going to the Super Bowl

Alfred Morris has been starring in "Tough Season" all year, and informed a Redskins fan she won Super Bowl Tickets through a contest.

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Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris has been featured in the online fantasy football mockumentary "Tough Season" all year, and the season is finishing strong.  Morris has had several great scenes including building a Tiki Lounge, learning to paint with Matt Forte, and joining other players for the "Cheeseburger in a Coconut"  music video.  The series is sponsored by Lenovo and produced by the Onion.  Over the last several weeks, there has been a url embedded into the weekly videos at that gives viewers a chance to win prizes when they entered it into their web browsers.  Alfred Morris informed this week's winner of their prize.

"I’ve had you on my fantasy football team since you were a rookie!"  Pro Bowl running back Alfred Morris had just surprised Skyped Redskins fan and Oviedo, Fla. resident, Karen Goodwin.  Morris – who grew up just miles away in Florida – asked Goodwin why she thought he might be calling.  She didn’t know.  Morris smiled and shot back: "Can you count to 49?! ‘Cause you’re going to Super Bowl XLIX!"

When clicking through the URL, Goodwin was told she had won a prize, and a company representative would be calling to let her know how to redeem it.  Enter in Morris, who at the end of the call promised to score a touchdown this season for the 51-year-old mom, who says she’s been a Redskins fan since she was 10.  Growing up in upstate New York, her parents bought a new TV, bringing it home on a Sunday.  Of the three channels, only one was color – and it was playing an NFL game.  On it that day the Redskins pummeled her in-state team, the Giants.  A fan was born.  When chatting with Morris, Goodwin wanted to underline her fervor for the burgundy and gold: "I even went to the game you guys played on Monday night in Dallas, winning in overtime!"

Goodwin said she’d take her husband to the big game in Phoenix.  Morris ended the video call – which he knew would later be posted on Lenovo’s website – telling all NFL fans that one more clue remained in the Tough Season 2 videos, one more pair of tickets and an all-expense paid trip to Super Bowl XLIX still to be had.  "I hope [as a team] we can rally and join you there," he told Goodwin.  "I’m staying optimistic."

Congratulations to the winner, and good luck to everyone on the final Super Bowl prize package.