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Redskins Team Bus in Accident on Way to Vikings Stadium, Players Shaken Up, No Reported Injuries

There are no reported injuries to the players, the bus's windshield was reportedly smashed.

Two Redskins team buses were involved in an accident this morning when their police escort missed an exit and cut in front of them.  This cause the lead bus to brake, and the 2nd bus to crash into it.  The bus's windshield was cracked, but there have been no reported injuries from the Redskins staff and players.  The Redskins have been granted an additional 30 minutes to name their inactive players due to the accident, but team spokes man Tony "No Means No" Wylie has said it will not affect any player's availability for the game.

Jim Haskett's son:

Jay Gruden's son:

[UPDATE: All players are unharmed and will be able to play in today's game at 1:00 PM]