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DeSean Jackson Talks About the 49ers Trying to Sign Him; Redskins QBs and the Niners Defense

Redskins WR DeSean Jackson spoke to 49ers beat reporters today on a variety of topics including the 49ers interest in him during free agency, and instagram postings.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

DeSean Jackson spoke with 49ers beat reporters today in a conference call and was asked several questions about reports he was being contacted by the 49ers when he became a free agent, the 49ers defense he will face on Sunday, and the rotation of Redskins quarterbacks he has had throwing him the ball this year.  When Jackson stayed in the D.C. for a second night, there were reports that another team, known as the Dinnerupters at the time, was calling Jackson's agent during dinner at Morton's.  Jackson confirmed that the 49ers were a team that was definitely interested in signing him, but he instead chose to sign a 3 year, $24 million with the Redskins.  Below is a full transcript of the conference call that was posted on the 49ers official website.

Hey DeSean, just how tough has it been on a wide receiver such as yourself when there's so many different quarterbacks week to week?

Jackson: Ahh man, honestly, just trying to stay focused ,and uh, you know get myself ready as best the way I can knowing the circumstances, knowing, you know, as far as what quarterback's going to be playing. Just really trying to keep everybody on one page, on one accord, just going out and putting in the work during the week, and hopefully trying to transfer it over to game day on Sunday.

You're still very productive, over 800 yards receiving.  Have you taken on more of a leadership role with Washington?

Jackson: Ya, I mean you know, I've been in the stages of just trying to mature in my career, and being myself here in the NFL, being able to be a mature individual. And be a guy that guys around the locker room look up to as far as my playing skills, my ability to go out there and spark the team up with big plays, do any and everything I can to help my team as far as winning. That's the role I've been taking on.

Your head coach the other day gave a very honest, very frank assessment of the team, including the quarterback to the media which you don't always see these days in the NFL from a head coach.  How is that received in the locker room, but the players, by you?

Jackson: Well, I think he's a very vocal guy. He's had success in this league before he's been a head coach. So, I think as far as his history and his past, and where he came from, his family you know background, the name of the Grudens and things like that. I think he has a lot of respect and he's able to vocalize his opinion, where guys can hear it and understand it. They can't take it really too personal, but at the same time you have to understand what he's trying to get across, what message he's trying to relay. I think guys are just really at the same time getting a feel. It's his first year and we're all kind of new to the situation as far as having a new coach, and certain new players here. It's just something we're all just trying to get adjusted to. It's kind of getting late in the year. So it hasn't been the year we hoped for or wished to be, but at the same time, we still have to continue to go out there and put our best foot forward.

Hey DeSean, when you became free, how close, or was there ever any talk with the 49ers about coming here?

Jackson: Ya, I had some talks with them, general manager, Coach Harbaugh, things like that. It was a close call, I almost made the trip to come out there, but obviously Washington did what they did and kept me here, and made everything right. But I did have a couple talks. Coach Harbaugh and myself, we played against each other back at Cal when he was at Stanford and things like that. I respect him and what he done. It was a tough call, but I chose to come here instead.

Can you expand, what was the biggest selling point to coming to the 49ers, and why did you end up going to Washington?

Jackson: At the end of the day, they made it right for me to stay here in Washington, and even though I'm born and raised in California and would love to be there, love to play there, it was just a better fit and a better situation for me to be where I'm at now. So that's kind of what played a part.

DeSean your instagram post saying you can't do epic [stuff] with basic people.  What was the meaning of that?

Jackson: I mean, if you follow me on instagram, you see I post a lot of quotes and things like that. I'm just a big time guy on quotes, and if you look in too much of what it is, and the words and you read into it, you'll get lost. I was really just posting a quote. It wasn't directed to anybody and if I was talking to somebody, you'd know who I was talking to. So at the end of the day, I post quotes, and that's what they're for, posting quotes.

When you look at the 49ers defense, especially the secondary, who or what jumps out to you?

Jackson: They're always known to be a very physical team, a great defense. They have some key additions over there, guys I'm very familiar with and have good friendships. But once game time is played, I'm between the white lines, you gotta separate all them type of things. We just worried about what we need to do to go out there and win the football game. It's Wednesday, we're doing everything we need to do to prepare ourselves, so just take it like any other week. Just gotta go out on the field and make it happen on Sunday.

Who is it that you're close to on the team?

Jackson: Vernon Davis, Aldon Smith, Patrick Willis he's not playing, but Patrick,NaVorro Bowman. A lot of them guys, I'm good friends with them, and I have respect, you know mutual respect as well too. But like I said, between the white lines, it's different.

What do they do to limit big plays?

Jackson: I mean I don't know. I'm sure they gave up some big plays as well too. I heard that they been playing a lot better the past couple weeks, but I haven't really been focusing on the 49ers. This is the week we have to focus on them, so knowing what I'm able to do, and bring it to the field.  I'm just going to go out there and continue to do what I do. I feel once the ball's in my hands, and once my opportunities will be what they be, I'll make the most out of them, and that's what I've always been able to do.

Do you feel the chemistry is further along with one quarterback there, than the others?

Jackson: Nah, not necessarily. Regardless of who's at quarterback, I prepare myself the same way. I just do the best I can to go out there to help make plays, help take stress them as far as you know make it easier on my quarterbacks and that's the role I take on. I like to make it easier for them by getting the ball in my hands and making big plays. Being able to do some great things once the ball's in my hand.