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Redskins Practice 11/19: Jay Gruden Presser

Jay Gruden answers questions from the media following today's practice.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Injury updates:

Trent Williams:

Robert Griffin III:

Moving forward:

Critiquing players in pressers:

Coaching errors:

Focus on San Francisco:

Fixing false start problem:

Work Ethic:

"He does what he’s supposed to do," Gruden said of Griffin’s off-the-field work ethic. "He could do more probably. But [in] this day and age, with the iPads that you have and the ability to take things home, I feel like he does a lot at home."
"He’s got every blitz, everything on his iPad, all the practices on his iPad and he studies and watches himself and comes back with some ideas the following day," Gruden said. "Whether he’s here or not, there’s a lot work you can do. [Offensive coordinator] Sean [McVay] can send him emails. There’s a lot [of] different ways to communicate now than it was back in the 80’s when Steve played. …But he puts his work in, in my opinion."