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The Redskins Front Office and a First Round Pick...

Can the front office do the right thing?

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

When you're 3-6.....consistently......draft season is always right around the corner. No, this isn't a draft profile or a list of some of my favorite players coming out this season. This piece is to address a simple question: Do we have the right football people in place to do what is right with the first round pick (The whole draft really but addressing the first round pick specifically right now)?

It seems like forever since the Redskins have had a first round pick. It almost feels like a luxury. With another "outstanding" season unfolding, it looks like we are headed for a Top 10 pick at that. What would you say our biggest needs are? Offensive Guard? Safety? While those are huge needs, they are VERY tricky positions to find value at in the top 10. Since 2007, only LaRon Landry, Eric Berry, and Mark Barron have been selected in the top 10 at Safety. Eric Berry has been good but not spectacular, Mark Barron has already been traded and we already know LaRon Landry's story. As far as offensive guard? Only two have been drafted in the top 10 since 2007; Jonathan Cooper (7th) and Chance Warmack (10th) and neither team has been pleased with either player's performance thus far.

Where else do we need the most help? Outside linebacker? Right Tackle? This is where I bring my original question back into the forefront. What did we draft with our first two picks last year? Outside linebacker and Right Tackle. I'm obviously not saying we give up on Trent Murphy or Morgan Moses, and drafting at that same position shouldn't be considered as such, but if the best player available is a OLB or RT in the top 10, do the Redskins put his name on the card? Or do they simply use the logic that they addressed those positions with high picks last year? Take a second, it's a loaded question.

When you are drafting in the top 10, you are looking for one of two things (or both if you're lucky), you either want a prospect whose ceiling is so high that even if you coach him up to 75% of his potential, he'll be an impact player or you want a solid piece that will lock down his position for the next ten years. I don't know what the Redskins will do as I do not have the answer to the question I posed, but they need to find a way to stay objective and add the best players available regardless of position. At 3-6 (again), there are very few positions that can't use more talent.