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Has the War Between Pierre Garçon and RGIII Ended?

The longstanding feud might finally be over between the two diva-est divas on the Washington Redskins.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As far back as last year, the feud between Washington Redskins WR Pierre Garçon and QB Robert Griffin III has been brimming with passive-aggressive social media hostility.  As the losses mounted, so did Garçon's frustration with Griffin.  When asked this year if the return of RGIII would give the team a morale boost, Garçon declared war on the QB by saying, "It's not like we were winning before." If that wasn't an obvious P-A bomb back at his QB, I don't know what is. There have been various reports of more social media shenanigans, particularly on instagram, where the PA level has been taken down to the high school level.  We are still waiting for confirmation and interpretation of these cryptic postings.

Could this relationship be saved?  The wins still aren't there and the sharks have smelled the blood in the water.  Reports came out before the Vikings game that players were upset that RGIII had been named the starter after returning from injury.  They even went so far as to make loud, inappropriate noises during his interview.  Could there be any question as to who the ringleader of this circus was? Speculation immediately fell on Garçon as the player who had the problem with Griffin. Seriously did you see that answer in that one tweet?  Who else could it be?

Garçon  went on Sirius XM radio yesterday and was asked about the locker room reports about players supporting RGIII.  He went on to make several more jabs at Griffin's injury history and mental toughness.  Can this guy even get through one interview without trashing the Redskins franchise QB?

"He's the team quarterback," Garçon said of Robert Griffin III, when asked about the QB's place in the locker room. "Everybody loves him here. He's definitely a great guy, he's a fun guy. You know, it sucks to be dealing with injuries and the team losing, but that's part of the game. Football's all mental. If you can handle the mental part, everything else comes easy.

"But he's definitely our team leader, he's definitely our quarterback, he's definitely a great player," Garçon went on. "Things just don't always go as we planned. We just have to keep moving forward and keep working on the ultimate goal, and that's winning football games."

Now, thanks to an exclusive TMZ video that was sent to the Hogs Haven editorial desk, we have word that the war might have been resolved and peace has been restored with the help of a little SpinFire pizza and Veteran's Day.  Garçon's restaurant gave away pizza to military veterans today with the help of some of his teammates.  A slice of pizza can do some amazing things in this world if you let it.

There has been no confirmed video of this historic event, but I was able to find this amazing picture of the truce...well the back of the truce(are they sitting too far apart, no I won't ruin this for them...).  This is the first photo of Garçon and Griffin sharing a table ever published on HogsHaven, it's significance can not go unnoticed.

Will the Hogs Haven community now move on to the next target, focus on the media "fabricating" stories, or is Pierre Garçon still Public Enemy #1?  Can a pizza parlor end any other lingering feuds in Redskins Nation? We'll let the people decide in the comments section.